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22-12-09, 14:34
Jenny Ottilia Pollari, s. 17.3.1894 Alavus. Kummina mm. Matti Hurja ja v. Anna sekä Kaappo Autio ja Anna Tenkula. Muuttanut: 1913 Vaasaan

mor: Ottiilia Isakintytär Kujala, e. Pollari o.s. Keisari, s. 30.1.1873 Alavus
fader: Erkki Kaaponpoika Pollari, työmies, Alavus, s. 20.7.

Jenny Pollari/kujala är min mormors syster/halvsyster.

Finns det någon här som vet mera?
gifte hon sig?barn?

Hoppas på tur men hon kanske är för ung?

mvh Rolf Juslin

June Pelo
22-12-09, 18:04
The name sounds familiar and if I was home I could check my database. I'm sure someone else on the Forum may have some data about this family....

23-12-09, 13:13
i am looking forward to see if you find something of Jenny.
happy hollidays to you from me.
/rolf juslin

June Pelo
31-12-09, 00:40
I just checked my database and it seems that nearly all of the Pollari names are from Vetil and Kaustby - I didn't find any for Alavus. HisKi records don't go as far as 1894 so I didn't find them there. If Talko data was online I wouldn't be surprised if there would be some data about this Pollari family. I'm sorry that I can't help you right now.

01-01-10, 15:05
hi June.
(in very poor english)
so there is no missunderstanding,i search what happend to Jenny Pollari/kujala after she moved to vaasa 1913?
i hope she stayed in vaasa and get married and raised children but that i dont know.
lets say she have children around 1915,that maybe to closed to our time for getting any information?(95 years)

if you have something i´ll be very greatful


June Pelo
01-01-10, 23:59

I sent you a private message with a suggested step to take.