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24-12-09, 11:27
I am trying to find information on Juho Viljam Michelsson Niemi b. July 8, 1870 in Lohtaja, Finland. His father was Michel Mattsson Niemi b. Feb. 14, 1845 in Laurila, Finland and his mother Brita Sofia Andersdtr. Runtujarvi. b. Nov 6,1845. I was wondering if someone could help me find info and Juho and his family.

Karen Norwillo
26-12-09, 15:47
I'm not clear on exactly what information you are seeking. I found much info on the families on Hiski, but I don't know what you already have.
In Karhi village, Lohtaja 21.6.1822 bds:uk Matts Ersson Hautala and pig. Caisa Michelsdr Niemi, Marinkainen village, Niemi farm...married.
Births for this couple
5.10.1824 Elisabeth, 7.6.1827 Britha, 18.7.1830 Johannes, 4.1.1835 Catharina, 5.2.1839 Mathias, 17.2.1842 Maria Christina, 14.2.1845 Michel.
The first two children on Niemi (Njemi) farm.

19.5.1845 Kokkalän mrsk, bds Anders Johanss. Runtijärvi and pig. Eva Stina Norrman, married.
Births for this couple
6.11.1845 Brita Sofia, 5.7.1856 Alexander, 29.9.1858 Johanna Mathilda.

Karen Norwillo
26-12-09, 17:11
Another child found for Matts and Caisa Michelsdotter. 19.7.1826 Caisa at Njemi farm. All the other children, from Johannes to Michel born Laurila farm.

Birth 25.7.1822 Korplax Kokkalan Johan Michelss Runtujärvi and Sophia...Anders
Birth 25.3.1801 Karhi, Lohtaja Eric Michelss Huhtala and Lisa Ericsdotter Huhtala...Mathias

27-12-09, 05:30
Sorry, Karen I should have taken more time to write my post but I was in a hurry to get it posted.

I am Looking for Michael Mattsson Niemi's children. Specifically information his son Juho Viljam Michelsson Niemi. He was born . July 8, 1870 on the Niemi farm. His brother Matts Alfred Michelsson Niemi emigrated to the United States. I do have information on the rest of his family.

I however did not have information on the Runtajarvi family. I appreciate you giving me that information. :)