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Soli Nylund
26-12-09, 20:57
I wonder if anyone could help me finding possible grandchildren or great-grandchildren of Andrew (Anders) Emil Ring and his wife Selma (b. Ventus). Anders was one of four Ring siblings, who emigrated from Finland, but I have very little information on what happened to the brothers. I have the following information on this brother.

A E Ring was an painter and born in Nedervetil, Finland on 8 Apr 1866 and emigrated to America around 1886. He settled in Duluth or Superior, and apparently married Selma Ventus (also an immigrant from Finland) in 1888 or -89).

According to 1910 (and 1920) United States Federal Census Andrew Ring (aged 43 in 1910) lived at Duluth Ward 7, St Lois, Minnesota with his wife Selma (aged 44), a son Edwin F Ring (b. around 1893) and daughter Delma/Selma R Ring (b. around 1896).

According to Minnesota Death Index Andrew Emil Ring died 28 Apr 1940 and Mrs Selma Ring died 8 Dec 1945, both in Saint Louis county

According to the 1930 US Federal Census Edwin F Ring lived in Duluth with his wife Sylvia E Ring, who was born around 1898, and he died 1 Oct 1953. There was no information on any children.

According to the 1930 US Federal Census, the sister Selma still lived in Duluth with her parents, but I have no other information on her.

I would appreciate any information on decendants of this couple.

Soli Nylund

27-12-09, 06:57
I have old friends that are long deceased. They were married in Finland, left from Kauhava and initially went to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. They ended up in Clark County Washington.

I wonder if there is any connection? Entry into the USA was 1899 and then again in 1915. Konrad was born 30 September 1873 and his wife, Albertina, was born 1 May 1888 Entered USA in 1916, but I think she had been in the USA prior to that. Both of their children were born by then.

They had children, John [who I don't recall] and George, both born in Rock Spring, Wyoming. I knew George.

Just thought I'd throw that out there in case any names or places popped out at you.

If there is a connection to a "different" line, I do know that one daughter was born to George.

Karen Norwillo
27-12-09, 16:46
I found Edwin's WWI Draft Card. He was born 3 Apr 1892 in WI. I found the family in 1900 in Superior, WI. Strangely, I don't see Selma, the daughter on it. I checked the MN Birth Index and found no births for Edwin and Sylvia. It would help to find her maiden name. I surmise they married abt 1928-29 per 1930 census, married abt 1 year. Sylvia E Ring born 26 Jul 1896 and died 30 Jun 1988 in Duluth, MN. MN Death Index and SSDI.

Karen Norwillo
27-12-09, 18:01
From MNGenWeb St Louis
Ring, Anders Emil and Selma Mathson married 1889-05-09 Duluth
Selma Ring died 12/8/1945
Andrew Ring died 4/28/1940

Karen Norwillo
27-12-09, 20:06
From a list of Emigrants from Ístrobothnia
Selma Mattsdotter Ventus 14 Apr 1864 Karleby, FI. US 1884. There are many Wentus/Ventus names in Kokkolan mrsk, but the births only go to 1860.

Karen Norwillo
27-12-09, 21:56
Here's the family on the 1905 MN Census. Selma is on a separate page. She is 9. Unfortunately, the first image is very dark at the bottom where Edwin is,but you can read the names. They live at 58th Ave West.
I found Edwin Ring in Polk's Duluth City Directory from 1937 to 1946. Just Sylvia, no children listed. It lists him as painter/paperhanger, depending on year.

June Pelo
28-12-09, 02:29
I've been following the mail and know that I have some info. about the family in Finland in my database. If Talko was online you'd be able to check it out. I don't have much about the family in the US. I'll be heading home this week and can check my database then.

Karen Norwillo
28-12-09, 15:40
In FFHA, Kokkolan mrsk, I found this family. It could possibly be Selma's. Matts Mattsson Wentus and Maja Johansdotter Gyllenbacka 26.7.1853...married.
Births on record to 1860, 1856 Matts Leander, 1858 Otto Robert.
On the 1875 Rippi is a Matts Mattsson on the Wentus farm, wife Maja, son Otto. There were 2 males and 4 females in the family. This was in Kallis village. This was the only Wentus farm I found.

Soli Nylund
28-12-09, 18:06
Thank you so much Karen! So it seems that there weren't any grandchildren of Adrew's and Selma's. June: I have a lot on the family back in Finland - I'm right now trying to find out what happened to the brothers in the US, as my info about them ends around 1903. I'll get back with questions about the other brothers as soon as I get sorted out the information I already have.
Thanks once again! I have one photo that I think are Andrew and Selma and another which might be the kids, Edwin and Selma. These folks are distant relatives of mine - one of the brothers were married to my grandfathers eldest sister, who died in 1902.