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29-12-09, 23:18
I need information about my family from Aland. The information I have is limited.

My great grandmother emigrated to America in 1899. Her name was Erika Wilhemina Rönnholm. She was born June 18, 1875. She was from Ytternas, Jomala according to my information. I am interested in finding out who her family was and get more history on them. Her home in America was Georgetown Conn. but I believe she lived for a time in New York City.

If anyone knows how I might get more information on her relations in Aland i would be very appreciative. Tack så mycket and Gött Nyt Ar.

Jon Edstrom
Biddeford, Maine, USA

07-01-10, 13:28
There is a Erika Wilhelmina born the 19 of june 1875 in Jomala. She is born on Kongsö 2 and her parents are Karl Erik Jansson and Erika Wilhelmina Karlsdotter. I found this on Hiski.

09-01-10, 09:47

www.eminst.net is a website dedicated to info about people who emigrated out of aland & their families.

I found pretty much all of my relatives who still live there by posting information on the guestbook about my great-grandfather.
I also got information about all of my ancestors right back to the early 1600's.
Maybe they can help you out too.

Hope this helps,


June Pelo
09-01-10, 20:40

Ingemar Ekman said he had tried to help you but he never received a reply from you. Did you get his mail?

Ingemar Ekman
10-01-10, 13:06
Hi Jon,
Extract from the Sheriff´s passport list at http://www.genealogia.fi/emi/krono/indaxe.htm :

Following 7 Rönnholm from Högbolstad Sund applied for passport 1883:8
Sailor´s wife Sofia, daughters: Erika Wilhelmina, Elin Maria, Hanna Carolina
Sons: Carl August Eliel, Johan Alfred, Axel Emanuel Knut

I looked in Håkan Skogsjö´s book about familes in Sund and found:
Johan Eriksson Rönnholm born 6 Dec 1844 in Korsholm Österbotten married to Beata Mattsdotter born 29 dec 1843 in Vörå Österbotten. They moved from Laihela Österbotten to Sund 1868. Their daughter Amanda Vilhelmina Rönnholm b 7 Mar 1871 in Sund. The family moved later 1871 to the neighbour parish Finström. I hope to check this family next time at the archive in Mariehamn in February.

The passport list have also more Rönnholm names and one family came from Saltvik. Håkan Skogsjö´s book about families in Saltvik has the family recorded but I did not find any connection to your ancestor.

Extract from the Borough Administrator´s passport list at http://www.genealogia.fi/emi/magistrat/indaxe.htm has
Erika Wilhelmina Rönnholm from Ytternäs Jomala applied for passport 19.9. 1899. It could be the same person that applied first time 1883:8, I will also look for more information about her at the archive.
Best regards

11-01-10, 04:15
I was happy to see your posting. I will analyze your info and see how it fits. I really appreciate your help. If I can help you in some way let me know.

Jon Edstrom

11-01-10, 04:17
I was away for much of the weekend and was happy to see some replies when I returned. Thank you everybody for your help. I have been researching in the US for years but have struggled to find good information in Scandinavia. I look forward to working with you again.


Ingemar Ekman
04-02-10, 14:23
Hi Jon,
I was yesterday to the Provincial Archives of Åland and followed Erika Wilhelmina backwards from Ytternäs Jomala and to her birth in Sund parish. Because her parents came from "foreign parishes" and where not written in Sund, she was recorded in an additional book of birth records called "Födda och Döpta i Sund men tillhörande främmande församlingar"- (Thank you Marlene at the archive that you find the book)
Erika Wilhelmina born 18 Jun 1873, baptized 21 Jun 1873, Parents were Gabriel Gabrielsson Rönnholm from Pörtom and his wife Beata Sofia Hemming. Sponsors were Dan. Ljunggren and his wife Anna-Lisa, Crofter´s son Matts Engelbrekt Nylund and his wife Maria Charlotta, All from Högbolstad Sund, baptized by the vicar L.G.V. Törnvall. Please find enclosed a copy from the book.
I noticed in the same birth records that the parents got at least also these children: Hanna Karolina b. 4 Oct 1874, Anna Eufemia b 9 Dec 1876, the twins Gustaf Emil and Emanuel Bernhard b 10 feb 1879, the twins were "emergency" (nöddöpta) baptized and both died within a week, Axel Emanuel Knut b 13 Feb 1880, I had no time to follow all the pages and the parents may have had more children.
It wa also stated that Gabriel Rönnholm was a sailor from Pörtom and Beata Sofia Hemming was born in March 1844 in Solf and she was remarried as widow 27 Dec 1891 with Gustaf Adolf Rosenqvist b 1842 in Kimito .
Note : the sponsor Daniel Ljunggren was my greatgrandfather´s 2nd cousin.
In the same records of births in Sund from parents not written in Sund I found also another Rönnholm: Johan Hjalmar Mauritz b 31 May 1888 to Wendla Sofia Rönnholm from Pörtom.
Regarding Erika Wilhelmina Rönnholms movements in Åland:
She moved 1892 to Lemland and was a house maid in Västeränga village and 1899 to Jomala Ytternäs and was found on the page "Grosshandlare Nordenssons ångsåg"
Best regards,

05-02-10, 02:47
Thank you so much. I have never found any body so helpful in all my years of searching for my family. You really made my day. What a great thing to come home from work and find.

Jon Edstrom

Ingemar Ekman
14-02-10, 20:07
Hi Jon,
I hope you will find more information about Erika Wilhelmina´s parents. Several Finlander members have connection to Solf and Pörtom in the province Ostrobothnia. (Österbotten)
I found a death column in the newspaper "Finska Amerikanaren" (in USA) from 1924:
Johan Alfred Rönnholm born 30 Jun 1869 in Sund Åland. He died 29 Nov 1924 in Jersey City N.J and he left behind his wife Julia and 3 children, the daughters Alma and Linda and the son Alarik, at x2? Cook street Jersey City.
The death column stated also that he left behind a brother and five sisters in USA and 1 sister in Åland. I have a photo of the death column from the microfilm but with poor quality. Erika Wilhelmina had a brother Johan Alfred ( ref to the passport application list) but I am not sure if he was born 1869.
Best regards,

Ingemar Ekman
22-03-10, 22:03
Hi again Jon,
I have scanned at the province archive in Mariehamn several 100 pages of marriage records from the Finnish Seamen´s church in New York and I noticed in these records also Erika Wilhelmina´s brother:
Axel Immanuel Knut Rönnholm 25 years old from Sund Åland was married 22 Dec 1904 to Anna Celina Holmström 24 years old also from Sund.
An Erika Wilhelmina Rönnholm was married in same church 1901 but her age is not corresponding and I will send you a direct email about that marriage.
Best regards,