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30-12-09, 09:07
Belated Christmas greetings and Happy New Year in 2010 to all.

From Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter at


free language courses with text/MP3 audio. Included are the details for the Finnish course.

material prepared by Foreign Service Institute to help US government staff who need fluency in these languages learn a basic level. Eastman explains how they are now available to all.

38 or so languages including Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Cantonese and Swahili.

Conversational Finnish Course


The Conversational Finnish course provides transcripts of the Finnish dialogues with idiomatic English translations plus notes on structural pattern and explanations of essential points of grammar. The course provides a variety of exercises with instructions in English.


Text file in PDF format 716 pp 11.6 MB plus

Introduction MP3 plus
14 Units two tapes each unit 29 tapes 142 MB


Text file in PDF format 521 pp 12.8 MB

Pronunciation 4 tapes MP3 plus

14 units one tape each except unit two which is two tapes 19 files 96.1 MB

Off-site Material

Finnish Graded Reader suitable for an intermediate course when comfortable with the basics