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04-01-10, 03:20
Hi - I was wondering if there was a forum similar to this one, but for "mainland" Sweden ? I have a family I was hoping to research and random google searches have not helped. They are from Öland if that information is important.


Risto Toivonen
04-01-10, 07:16
Try 'Anbytarforum' http://aforum.genealogi.se/discus/

And following sources are very good

Person- och Lokalhistoriskt forskarcentrum, Oskarshamn

PLF:s CD-4 over Öland (quite good search engine. You have to buy it)

and AD_Onlines digitized church books

and SVAR
In SVAR there are 'mantalslängder' until 1820
church books (newer)
military documents (boatmen and soldiers)

I can help you a little bit if you don't ask too difficult questions

Risto Toivonen

04-01-10, 08:19
Some links can be found through the SFHS web site "Link collection" -page

Link collections
Sweden (http://finlander.genealogia.fi/sfhswiki/index.php/Category:Links_Sweden)Hasse

04-01-10, 14:58
I live in Sweden and have access to swedish churchbooks online. If you need any help let me know.
Karin Högnabba

04-01-10, 21:45
Thanks for the links !

16-01-10, 22:05
Would anyone be kind enough todo a quick birth record lookup in the records for Åre, Jamtlands, Sweden, for a Lovisa Olausdotter, born 29 Sept 1842?

She is my grt grt grandmother. She was born in Sweden, emmigrated to Norway to marry my grt grt grandfather, and then later immigrated to America. When I try to track her back genealogically, I loose sight of her. The oldest record I have (a Norwegian immigration record) says in the 1873 she moved from Åre, Jamtlands, Sweden, to Verdal, Nord-Tronledag, Norway. Soon afterward I have her marriage record.

Anyway, thank you for the links! And if anyone can help me out with a lookup, I would really appreciate it!

Rob Williams

Ingemar Ekman
18-01-10, 15:36
Hi Rob,
I tried to find Lovisa Olausdotter born 29 Sep 1842 in the birth record scanned by SVAR but I was not able to find her, many of the pages were damaged. I checked the Census record 1860 and found the housemaid Lovisa Olausdotter b 1842 in Åre and she lived in Lien, Åre 1860. In the communion book for Åre 1857 - 1865 I found her in Lien (SVAR page 108/109). She attended the holy communion 28 Oct 1860, 20 Oct 1861 and 1 June 1862. Her name was crossed over but no information from which page in Åre she came from and not where she moved. I have a copy as jpg-file 186kb if you want that.
I checked the Census record 1860 for Åre and the father´s first name Olaus and found Olaus Larsson in Hamre and Olaus Hindricksson in Handöl and according to the communion book they had no daughters with name Lovisa. It will be possible to check all pages in the communion book for Åre that cover 1842 but I have not time for that now.
Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden,

21-01-10, 17:59
Thank you so much, Ingemar!! I really appreciate the help you have given me! If you have the time, could you please post the communion record image you mentioned?

I am going to have to order a couple of months of SVAR so I can continue the search for Lovisa and her family. Heck, I have a family connection in Stockholm I need to search for too. I always put off purchasing a subscription from SVAR because genealogical research for Finland (HisKi, FFHA, etc) and Norway (Norwegian Digital Archives) were free, and SVAR wasn't. But I guess I cannot complain...I pay for Ancestry.com and it costs a friggin' fortune, and is hardly worth it sometimes.

Thanks again, Ingemar. Your searching has helped me realize I am on the right track in searching for Lovisa. I just have to flesh things out more. Thank you so much again!

Rob Williams

Ingemar Ekman
21-01-10, 22:18
Hi Rob,
Please find a copy of the communion book for Åre 1857-1865, SVAR page 108, left side, on the right side an addtional written piece of paper covering the records but on next page (109) they moved the paper to the left and scanned again.
Lovisa Olausdotter is on the 6th line from bottom.
Best regards,