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09-01-10, 22:08
I have been unable to find any infromation regarding a few people.

1. Hjalmer Victorsson Kumpula(Kumpulainen) b. 2 Apr 1895, Kalajoki, son of
2. Viktor Antinpsson Kumpulainen b. 1867 and
3. Anna Greeta Hermansdotter Kukko b. 1874

If I could find out when they were married or their parents names.

I have been unable to find any futher information on these people while they were in Finland. I have information about their emmigration to the US and the other children. I have emailed the Kalajoki parrish to possibly get some information but have not heard back from them, that was about 2 months ago.

One other person is Hilma Mattsdotter Besonen b.1875, she has a sister names Hanna, her home parrish is stated to be Evijarvi. I have emailed the Evijarvi Parrish but have had no response from them either.

Thanks if anyone can help me, would appreciate it.