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15-01-10, 01:54
Can anyone tell me what this newspaper article is saying? Translating each word with my Swedish->English dictionary gives me a patchy and relatively un-readable translation.

This article seems like it could tell me alot about this particularly interesting ancestor of mine...he, August Isaksson Bergstrom, was a small-time loan counterfeitter in Porvoo, Finland. The best I can tell from my terrible translating skills, it seems like the article is saying that he raped this underage 15 year old girl, Emilia Lovisa Sjoman, and her mother Lovisa Kullman is going to sue him or something.

Anyway, I am hoping someone here could give me the jist of the article. I dont need a word-for-word translation...I just need to know what the article is saying about August Isaksson Bergstrom. He is my great grandfather, for better or worse.

Thanks for the help, everyone!

Rob Williams

15-01-10, 14:31
Hello Rob,
no such a drama! The article says, that Lovisa Kullman, as guardian for her daughter Emilia Lovisa Sjöman, applies for confiscation of some of August Bergströms property, because he has fled the country and left unpaid some Emilia's moneys which he, as her former guardian, had in his possession. The court decides, that Bergström has to return by 15 of next May, in case he wants to avoid confiscation.

The old legal jargon is not easy even for us Finns and Swedes, hope this clears the situation somewhat.

15-01-10, 23:40
Thank you so much for the help in translation and summarizing it for me!

The article's message, that August Bergström has to return by 1884, is interesting. He ran off to America in late 1883 after getting caught forging 10,000 Markka in bogus loan notices. He only returned in 1887, after his wife divorced him to get half his stuff to raise their family. I still don't know how (or even IF) he escaped jailtime or whatever for his crimes. I had no clue he was the legal guardian of Emilia Lovisa Sjöman, and I dont blaim her mother for trying to get some of his estate.

I am pretty relieved that it wasn't something terrible like rape. But knowing that he was a counterfeitter (and later in life, a scam artist, among other things), when I translated that Emilia was 15 years old, her widowed mother was freaking out for some reason, Emilia was connected somehow with August in his house, and the fact that it was a legal notice...you cannot blame me for jumping to the "rape" conclusion!

Anyway, that is really interesting...thanks again for the translation! I really appreciate it!

Rob Williams