View Full Version : Looking for Vuorinen/Saxberg/Myllyharju

18-01-10, 13:48
Greetings from Thunder Bay, ON

I am trying to find relatives of Frans Oskari Vuorinen born Oct 20, 1882 who married Matilda Josefiina Myllyharju born Oct 4, 1885. They came to Canada in 1926. Frans' father was Juho Edvard Saxberg and his mother was Katariina Syvaoja. I think they are from Lehtimaki.
I am also trying to research my mother's side: Pohjosmaki also born in Lehtimaki. It was a family of 13 children and I had uncles who fought in the Winter war. My apologies for the vagueness - its all the information I have and I hope something rings a bell with someone when they read this.


Helen Roininen (maiden name Wuorinen)