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Arlis J.
26-01-10, 02:03
David Heddasson married Lena Ulrika Kaspersdotter 23.12.1866 in Kuukkajärvi, Uurainen. He worked at Pillikallio farm 26--jälkim.osa epäselvä--(what does that mean???). Lena lived at Ahola farm 24.

It appears they remained on Ahola farm while raising their children--though the records on HisKi are not yet transcribed through 1890 when the last child was born.

What I want to know is the birthdate of David. There is a family tree on the LDS site that lists it as 25.6.1836. If that birthdate is correct, then I think the mother listed for David is incorrect. According to HisKi it should be Hedvig Mattsdotter (Knutsson). Will someone please check on this birthdate of David and identity of his mother for me?

Thank you very much.

Arlis in Minnesota.

Tapio Rautio
26-01-10, 09:46
Hello Arlis!

Here is something to work on:

Saarijärvi - married hiski:
Vihitty Talo Mies Vaimo Talo
9.12.1798 fr. Keljå B.s. ungk. Maths Henrics. pig. Maria Johansdr. fr. Kässi

Saarijärvi births hiski, notice the wrong name on the father on Hedvig:

4.7.1799 7.7.1799 Keljå Maths Henr.s. Maja Joh.dr. Maths
12.12.1802 19.12.1802 Keljo Maths Mathss. Maja Joh.dr. Hedvig
9.3.1805 9.3.1805 Keljå Maths Henr.s. Maria Joh.dr. Aron

5.8.1836 14.8.1836 Keljo Qv.p. Hedvig Mattsdr. 30. David

Mats Henriksson b. 1765, his parents above and wife Maja Johansdr b. 1777.


Here Maja Johansdr is a widow, Hedvigs birthyear is still 1802.

Here Hedvig has the birthyear 1805, David 05.07.1836, Hedvig is marked as
sister of Mats Matsson on the top of the page.

On the right side down on the page Hedda David and Mats 06.10.1841.


Arlis J.
27-01-10, 20:09
Hi, Tapio!

When I stated that the family tree on the LDS listed David Heddasson's birth date as 25.6.1836, I was wrong. I have the copy in front of me and it says born 5 July 1836 Uurainen, christened 3 July Saarijarvi. Obviously, there's a mistake here.

That is what lead me to question David's birthdate. With an extended search on HisKi, I came up with two David Heddassons born in 1836, one in June and the other in August. The first was born on June 25 and baptized on July 5 to a 21-year-old mother. The second was born Aug 5 and baptized on Aug 14th to a 30-year-old mother.

So that means the person who submitted the tree used the infant's baptism date of mother #1, and the identity of mother #2 in the family tree. Do you see why I'm so confused? I thought maybe the maybe the birthdate of July 3 could be a typo and that if the actual birthdate should have been June 25, and the baptism date was July 5, then the mother had to be the 21-year-old Hedvig. But that all depends on whether David's birth month is correct.

I looked at your links quickly last night, but found the handwriting very hard to read. I'm going to try again now.

Thanks very much for the links!!


Arlis J.
27-01-10, 20:48

Is Keljo a village or a farm? How close together were these farms?


Tapio Rautio
28-01-10, 11:10
Hi Arlis!

Keljo is (was?) a farm in Kuukajärvi village. I didn´t find Keljo on mapservices
on the net, but surely someone can find it?

The dates in Saarijärvi churchrecords is often changeing, i use the pictures
of FSHF as reference.

From the links before:

David Heddasson b. 05.07.1836

Keljo Hedvig Matsdaughter b. 12.12.1802

Keljo Mats Henriksson b. 1765
Maja Johansdr b. 1777 when married maid in Kässi?

Keljo Henrik Henriksson 1731-1803
Maria Isaacsdaughter 1733-1803


Arlis J.
29-01-10, 02:23

Don't trust transcribed records (as I did). Images of the church records are much better proof, though still subject to mistakes. Have I got it right now??? You've been so patient with me.

So we have the right Hedda, and the right birth date for David, and the right parents for Hedda. Now I can finally enter them in my family tree. SIGH. Thank you for all your help in putting my mind at ease that this is the right Hedda Mattsdotter and that David's birthdate is correct.

THank you, thank you, thank you!!