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Arlis J.
26-01-10, 04:11
Susanna Wilhelmina Lind was born June 5, 1851 in Urjala.
She married Johan Theodur Happ-Hopp-Hoppe on June 22, 1878.
She (they?) moved to Jamsaan on December 15, 1896.

I would like to know 1) the names of her mother and father; 2) the names and birthdates of her children; 3) the date and place she died; and 4) the date and place her husband died.

She was my great-grandmother and I have her wedding ring. Three of her daughters emigrated to the US via Canada between 1911 and 1913. Two settled in Minnesota, the third in Seattle, Washington.

I would be very grateful if someone would help me answer these questions.

Arlis J.

Tapio Rautio
26-01-10, 12:28
Hi Arlis!

The links open only to members of FFHA

On the list of upcoming books, i see the communion books
of Urjala 1849-1864, then maybe Susannas parents can
be found?


Viilari Juho Theodor Hoppe 09.11.1849 Helsinki
vaimo Susanna Wilhelmina Juhontytär Lind 05.06.1851 Urjala
poika Kalle Viktor 16.01.1881 Tampere

The book of children to viilari Juho Theodor Hoppe and Susanna Vilhelmina Lind

Kalle Viktori 16.01.1881 Tampere
Juho William 08.09.1884 Tampere
Hilda Wilhelmina 11.07.1886 Tampere
Jenny Sofia 23.01.1889 Tampere
Blur, one more child born in Tampere 1892, maybe a female


Arlis J.
27-01-10, 03:33
Hello, Tapio!
Thank you for this information! It's so nice to have accurate dates now. My uncle had hired someone to research his dead wife's (my mother's sister) history some 20 years ago, but the dates were very mixed up due, I think, to his secretary transposing days and months when she typed up the information.

Also, my uncle's hired researcher lists two additional sons: Frans Theodor, b. 20.3.1879, and Gustaf Adolf, b. 8.12.1882. The youngest daughter that is too blurred for you to read is my grandmother, Signe Marjana, b. 24.3.1892. We always thought she was born in 1895; now I know she lied about her age by 3 years, even at the time she left Helsinki! Did 18-year-olds get cheaper passage than a 21-year-old?

Again, thank you very much, Tapio!


Tapio Rautio
27-01-10, 09:54

Thank You for the thanking Arlis! :)

I´m always curious, i wonder if You have followed
the Hoppe lineage?


Arlis J.
27-01-10, 19:34

No, I couldn't because I didn't know who his parents were, and I just found this site a couple weeks ago. When I posted my question about the farms, and no one answered that, I was beginning to think no one would answer any of my questions because of my free-mail with Yahoo (Hasse's message). You are my first responder!! I am very happy and grateful to hear from you.


Tapio Rautio
28-01-10, 11:24

I am not a member of The Genealogical Society of Finland,
but those who are, have acces to a database over soldiers.

Maybe a member who reads this could take a peek on the
name Hoppe?

Hamiltonin rykmentti - Hamiltonska regementet - all

Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

27.2.1797 28.2.1797 sold. Magnus Hopp Christ: Björck 26 Johan (tv.)

27.2.1797 28.2.1797 sold. Magnus Hopp Christ: Björck 26 Johanna (tv.)

17.8.1798 18.8.1798 sold. af Bar. Leijonh: C. no 80 Magn. Hopp Christ. Björck Anna Christina

2.4.1801 3.4.1801 sold. af Öfv. L. Leijonhuf. C: 50 Magnus Hopp Christina Björck 31 Carl Magnus

3.4.1804 4.4.1804 corp. af Öfv. L. Lejonhuf: C: 80 Magn. Hopp Christ. Björck 34 Johan Magnus



Died Buried Village Farm Person Cause yrs m. w. d.

28.7.1801 s. Carl Magnus slag 4

relative: sold. af Öfv. L. Lejonhuf: C: Hopp



Tapio Rautio
28-01-10, 16:56

A few lucky matches. :)

Number 221 06.07.1778 Johan Theodor Hopp to Tampere from Helsinki

Number 299 06.07.1778 Johan Theodor Hopp from Helsinki to Tampere,
on the right reference to the churchbook 2-715

Johan Magnus Hopp 03.04.1805 former underofficer widow
Frans Emil 28.12.1863 tailor student, i´m not sure if this is a son?
Johan Theodor Hopp 09.11.1849
Hilda Sophia Hopp 15.12?1860 drowned 13.08.1880

Yes, Frans Emil is a son


Arlis J.
29-01-10, 02:03

I'm amazed with all the information you keep turning up! So what was this Leijonhuf place, and where was it? Was it a military post with barracks and many other soldiers?

It appears that the firstborn twins must have died.

I'm very, very grateful Tapio.


Tapio Rautio
29-01-10, 07:14
Hello Arlis!

Well i´m on my, one week winter holiday and the temperature
outside has been around -20 celsius. So it´s been great for me to spend
time on the computer, inside the warm house.

I think soldier Hopp served in Colonel Lejonhufvuds(Lionhead)company,
in the Hamilton regement also called Her Majestys Widowqueens liferegement.

I think this is the place for both Hamiltons regement and Viapori seen in hiski
and FFHA records, three names: Castle of Finland or Viapori or Sveaborg.

Next time i visit Helsinki, i´m going to check this fortress out. :)


Arlis J.
29-01-10, 22:02
Hi, Tapio!

It was -18 F here this morning and that is pretty cold. I have Ancestry.com World this year, so I'm going to look up all this information you've provided for me and see what else I can come up with. I read the link to Wiki on the Helsinki fortress--that was very interesting. Sounds like Soldat Johan Magnus Hopp must have indeed been posted there. It's a good thing that you suggested looking into the Hoppe line.

So long for now. I'm going to chase down the Hopp/Hoppe line on Ancestry, then go back to Susanna Wilhelmina Johansdotter Lind. Kiitos (sp?) for all your help.


30-01-10, 00:04
Where are you from in northern MN if you don't mind me asking? I am orginally from Superior, WI across that nice little pond from Duluth, MN. Believe me I can relate to the minus 0 temps and don't miss them at all now that I am in Denver. I have fun out here telling people that on really cold days and nights you have to plug your car in. The look on peoples faces is priceless.

Arlis J.
30-01-10, 16:36
Hi, Goldie,

Well, I grew up in the Brimson-Toimi area, but now I'm living in Hibbing, on the Iron Range. I did live in Duluth for a time, though. Thank goodness, it was 'over the hill'! My husband left for Red Lake to go ice fishing this morning...the walleyes are biting.


Tapio Rautio
04-02-10, 18:36
Hi Arlis!

The Urjala books are now availabe for members, but the place
i suspected doesn´t give any proof for Susanna Wilhelmina.


Urjala 1857-1864
153 Urdiala Harittu
Kivimäki torp/Uotila

Johan Johansson 7.6.1820 marriage 1848, they moved to Loimijoki 1856 nr.57
wife Caisa Johansdr 16.10.1828 Punkalaidun??

widow Anna Stina Nilsdaughter 1791 (17.01.1792)

In the library of Urjala the have the microfilms that would give the answer.

Hope some genealogist from there reads this..:)


Arlis J.
04-02-10, 21:45
The link won't let me open. The thumbnail confused me. How many of the people listed under Johan and Caisa are living in the same house? If the register starts in 1857 and they were married in 1848, shouldn't there a be bunch of kids listed? The other husband and wife, are they living in the same house?


04-02-10, 22:58
Hi, Goldie,

Well, I grew up in the Brimson-Toimi area, but now I'm living in Hibbing, on the Iron Range. I did live in Duluth for a time, though. Thank goodness, it was 'over the hill'! My husband left for Red Lake to go ice fishing this morning...the walleyes are biting.


Hello Arlis:
I am in Superior visiting family. I can't believe all the ice fishing shacks on the lake and harbor. It more than I ever remember seeing when I lived here. Did your husband catch an walleyes?

Tapio Rautio
05-02-10, 08:08
Hi Arlis!

Yes the link is for members only but it is
the same as the thumbnail.

In the 1849-1856 book there is also the
info about Johan Johansson and wife Caisa Johansdr
moving to Loimijoki 1856.

In the thumbnail Urjala 1857-1864, there is no
communion markings for them....

If they are Susannas parents, that i can´t tell....


Syntynyt Kastettu Kylä Talo Isä Äiti Lapsi

24.1.1812 26.1.1812 Notsjö Harittu tp. Johan Lind Anna Nils.dr Maria

25.12.1813 27.12.1813 Urdiala Harittu tp. Joh. Johs: Anna Stina Nilsdr Eva

29.3.1815 2.4.1815 Urdiala Harittu tp. Johan Johs: Anna Nilsdr 23 Elisabeth

30.11.1817 1.12.1817 Harittu Joh: Lind Anna Stina Nilsdr Eva

7.6.1820 11.6.1820 Urdiala Torp. Johan Lind Anna Nilsdr 29 Johan

27.1.1823 2.2.1823 Urdiala Harittu Trp. Johan Joh.son Anna Stina Nilsdr 31 Ulrika

15.7.1825 17.7.1825 Urdiala Harittu Trp. Johan Lind Anna Stina Nilsdr 34 Anna Caisa

25.2.1828 26.2.1828 Urdiala Kivimäki T. Johan Joh.son Lind A. St. Nilsdr 37 Justina

21.6.1831 24.6.1831 Urdiala Kivimäki T. Johan Joh.son Lind Anna St. Nilsdr 40 Matts

31.1.1835 5.2.1835 Urdiala Kivimäki T. Johan (not Lind) Anna St. Nilsdr 44 Carl Gustaf

Arlis J.
12-02-10, 01:44
Hello, Goldie.
Yes, he did. We've been eating walleye instead of crappies this winter. But I love crappies, too! He bought an Ice Castle last year--you'll have to Google that to see what it is. Now he can stay out for 2-3-4 days.

Arlis J.
12-02-10, 02:53
Thanks for finding those records Tapio. Now what do you suggest? Are we at a dead end until more books are transcribed?


Tapio Rautio
12-02-10, 08:18
Hi Arlis!

Well, before it was possible to order copies of mikrocards,
from Mikkeli, but i don´t know if they still have that service?

Mikkelin maakunta-arkisto
Käyntiosoite: Pirttiniemenkatu 8 A
Postiosoite: PL 2, 50101 Mikkeli
Puhelin: (015) 321 310
Sukuselvitykset, virkatodistukset: (015) 321 3132
Tutkijasali, lukulaitevaraukset: (015) 321 3120
Faksi: (015) 321 3157
Sähköposti: mikkeli narc.fi

I think You could try to write them, if they could look up the birthrecord
on Susanna Wilhelmina, since You have the date and all..

Or maybe some of the forum readers often go to the national arcives,
could look it up for You?


Tapio Rautio
12-02-10, 14:47

look what the always so kind
Raija-Leena Huuki found out. :)



Tapio Rautio
13-02-10, 00:08
Hi Arlis!

From Raija-Leenas great foundings, check out these for your own
opinion. :)

(Some bouncing birthdates, i could be wrong, once again..)

The last name, Lind, for Susanna, made me go on a false trail in Urjala.

1. Lind Susanna Wilhelmina, s. 05.06.1851 Urjala , Rippikirja, 1857-1864 Kuva 43.


2. Waskela Johan Gustaf Mattson, s. 23.06.1823 Urjala , Rippikirja, 1857-1864 Kuva 43. puoliso Susanna Carlsdr, avioliitossa 30.06.1842 Urjala Igi.

3. Susanna Carlsdr, s. 30.05.1825 Vesilahti.


4. Mats Michelsson, s. 18.02.1791 Urjala , Rippikirja, 1825-1832 Kuva 72. puoliso Munter Maria Elisabeth Matsdr, avioliitossa 06.01.1823 Urjala Igi M450573.

5. Munter Maria Elisabeth Matsdr, s. 04.02.1799 Urjala , Rippikirja, 1825-1832 Kuva 72.


8. Michel Eriksson, s. 1747 Urjala , Rippikirja, 1803-1808 Kuva 186. puoliso Caisa Henriksdr, avioliitossa 11.11.1779 Urjala M450572 Igi.

9. Caisa Henriksdr, s. Urjala , Rippikirja, 1803-1808 Kuva 186.

10. Munter Mats Matsson, s. 13.01.1766 Urjala , Rippikirja, 1797-1803 Kuva 166, ammatti Soldier, k. 03.04.1840 Urjala. puoliso Noiskoski Maria Thomasdr, avioliitossa 20.10.1791 Urjala Igi M450572.

11. Noiskoski Maria Thomasdr, s. 05.07.1771 Urjala , Rippikirja, 1779-1802 Kuva 40, k. 25.10.1844 Urjala.


20. Laukell-Laukman Mats Johansson, s. 1740 Urjala , Rippikirja, 1764-1771 Kuva 71, ammatti Soldier, k. 16.07.1786. puoliso Beata Thomasdr, avioliitossa 27.12.1760 Urjala Igi M450572.

21. Beata Thomasdr, s. 11.06.1738 Urjala , Rippikirja, 1797-1803 Kuva 166, k. 22.10.1817 Urjala.

22. Käpynen Thomas Bertilsson, s. 1742 Urjala , Rippikirja, 1779-1802 Kuva 40, k. 30.03.1814 Urjala , Rippikirja, 1809-1816 Kuva 19. puoliso Noiskoski Lisa Michelsdr, avioliitossa 08.12.1765 Urjala Igi M450572.

23. Noiskoski Lisa Michelsdr, s. 24.06.1735 Urjala , Rippikirja, 1779-1802 Kuva 40, k. 22.02.1825 Urjala.


44. Bertil Thomasson, s. 1710 Urjala , Rippikirja, 1738-1749 Kuva 39, k. 15.06.1764 Kalvola. puoliso Käpynen Lisa Williamsdr, avioliitossa 30.12.1741 Urjala Igi M450572.

45. Käpynen Lisa Williamsdr, s. 1725 Urjala , Rippikirja, 1738-1749 Kuva 39, k. 20.07.1813 Kalvola , Rippikirja, 1810-1815 Kuva 128.

46. Michel Matsson, s. 10.08.1712 Urjala , Väestöluettelo, 1750-1765 Kuva 91, k. 20.08.1758 Urjala. puoliso Maria Eriksdr.

47. Maria Eriksdr, s. 1714 Urjala , Väestöluettelo, 1750-1765 Kuva 91, k. 23.10.1757 Urjala.


90. Käpynen William Matsson, s. 1700 Urjala , Rippikirja, 1738-1749 Kuva 39. puoliso Maria Thomasdr.

91. Maria Thomasdr, s. 1701 Urjala , Rippikirja, 1738-1749 Kuva 39.


180. Mats. puoliso Maria Larsdr.

181. Maria Larsdr, k. 23.03.1740 Urjala , Rippikirja, 1738-1749 Kuva 39.


Arlis J.
13-02-10, 03:15
Wow, Tapio!!

Please thank your wonderful friend for me. She did a lot of researching just because you asked her to. How very nice! I saw at the Otto (and?) Albert baptism there were 2 Lind godparents out of the 5 listed. Where does the Lind name fit in otherwise?

If I write to the address you gave me, will her birth certificate give the full name of her parents so we can make sure we are chasing the right ones?

Kiitos, Tapio! And many thanks to your Friend, too!

Tapio Rautio
13-02-10, 15:28
Hi Arlis!

Yes it´s worth a try to send email to Mikkeli.

But i think the only thing You can get more than from
Igi, is maybe the name of the house where she was born..

The moving from Urjala to Lempäälä, and Susannas moving
from Lempäälä to Tampere, is in my book proof enough, but
many genealogists wants even the childbooks data, to be sure. :)


Nr. 13

Best regards


Arlis J.
15-02-10, 02:42
Kiitos, Tapio.

You didn't answer my question: Where did the name Lind come from? I see Waskela and Munter. I see the farm names where the family have lived at. But how does she get the last name Lind?

Did you notice youngest brother Otto Albert is number 2 on that last link you sent?


Tapio Rautio
15-02-10, 10:47
Hi Arlis!

I think the upcoming churchbooks of Lempäälä 1860-1876
may give You an answer.

I don´t think that number two is Susannas brother,
by that time Otto Albert is only seven years old.


Arlis J.
16-02-10, 00:11

I feel stupid--didn't even consider his age.

Tapio Rautio
16-02-10, 17:47

please don´t feel like that.

Best regards


Arlis J.
18-02-10, 00:25
Hi, Tapio!

I'm accustomed to feeling silly and will get over it!!

Is there a site on the web where I can look up deaths in Finland? My grandfather was one of 10 siblings, and many of them didn't emigrate. My grandmother also had brothers who didn't come here.


Tapio Rautio
31-05-10, 22:37
Hello Arlis!

Some updates from Lempäälä, this evening.






Arlis J.
11-06-10, 01:45
Thank you very much, Tapio. In the third image, who are the two young families that moved in with Johan and Susanna? Could they be younger sisters or brothers? Eight people moving in with such a large family already is a LOT to ask!!!!


Tapio Rautio
11-06-10, 19:50
Hello Arlis!

Johan Gustaf Matsson and wife Susanna with family is living at
the Henneri farm of surveyor Bror Sven Lindh, who´s son Bror
Rudolf Benjamin also was a surveyor.

It looks like Johan Gustaf Matsson was some kind of guard or

I don´t think everyone under Johan Gustafs Mattson in this third picture
lives in the same house, there was propably several houses or crofts,
people marked as farm-hands.

I can see that Susanna Wilhelmina moved to Tampere the first time at
1861, only ten years of age. Number 144 on the left:


Arlis J.
12-06-10, 07:05
Is this where the name Lind(h) comes from? Are they mother Susanna's family? I see when Otto Albert was born, both Karoline Ulrika and Eine Lindh were godparents. Does 'arrendatorn' mean gatekeeper? That's the father's occupation listed on Otto Albert's birth registry. I also notice that both Bror Rudolph Benjamin Lindh and mother Susanna were born in Vesilahti/Wesilax. I think I'm going to search in Hiski for mother Susanna's birth name.

Thanks, Tapio!!

Arlis J.
12-06-10, 23:22
Tapio--out of luck on that Hiski search--no births transcribed for Vesilahti yet.

I have a question regarding Raija-Leena's search. She lists 'Waskela' Johan Gustaf Mattson, s. 23.06.1823 Urjala, Rippikirja, 1857-1864 Kuva 43 etc, for his marriage to Susanna. What is this Waskela, his surname?? It sounds more like the name of a place to me, but what do I know?!?

Tapio Rautio
13-06-10, 11:46
Hi Arlis!

People often took the name of the place they lived in when they moved around.
Johan Gustaf used both Waskela and Frigård, maybe Lind in the end???

In the members section of FFHA there is some updates on rippikirjat
of Vesilahti. Susanna Carlsdr 30.05.1825 was from the Laurila farm:

Her parents Laurila Carl Andersson 14.11.1777-10.04.1826 and
Sisto Maria Adamsdr 16.05.1784, married 02.07.1800 in Vesilahti,
the marriage is on hiski.


Tapio Rautio
13-06-10, 16:58

Magnus Hopp and family at Hamiltons regement 1796-1808,
no more clues here, where they were from...



Tapio Rautio
13-06-10, 17:02
Sääksmäki - married

Kuul. Vihitty Kylä Talo Mies Vaimo Kylä Talo
24.2.1774 Wesilax Bds: Anders Jöransson P. Catharina Carlsd:r Tartila



Arlis J.
14-06-10, 06:03

I don't understand this one. Who are these people?


Arlis J.
14-06-10, 06:29
I'm going to hang unto the Lindh name like a bulldog! When Otto Albert was born, Mrs. Lindh, Mrs Armfelt (her daughter) and youngest daughter Eine were godparents, along with Mr. Armfelt and another man. I'm convinced there is a marriage somewhere in the family that gave my great grandmother a reason to carry that name.

OR, you could be right and it's just the name she used when she left the Lindh farm. Or, maybe she did marry a Lind (remember daughter Elsa?), or maybe Lind was the father of Elsa, but she didn't marry him. Who knows? But I'm going to try to chase down the Lind(h) trail the best I can.

Thanks for your help!!


Tapio Rautio
14-06-10, 07:54
Hi Arlis!

In the attachment one can see Susanna Carlsdaughters moving
to Urjala 18.10.1841.

In the link in the same message one can see Susannas parents and
grandparents, the grandparents marriage was in Sääksmäki.

Arrendatorn is someone who is renting the land.



Arlis J.
14-06-10, 20:16
Even after you told me the names of the grandparents, I couldn't find them on the link! Then I decided to check the ages for who would have been old enough to get married in 1777. That's when I noticed the 4 wavy lines. Still, Georgii isn't what I was expecting for Joransson! And Caroli isn't Carlsdtr. It's a VERY good thing for me that you are helping me find ancestors!!!! I would have passed these names by every time I looked at them. Do the wavy lines indicate they moved into the Laurila village/farm at the same time, or just that they aren't children?


Tapio Rautio
14-06-10, 21:51
Hello Arlis!

I don´t know about the wavy lines, but here´s an
earlier picture.

Anders can be seen twice here, third line, under his parents,
and eight person on the list, wife Caisa under him.



Arlis J.
17-06-10, 04:39

Yes, it's easier to read on this image. Couldn't open SFHS yesterday; I tried several times. Thank you again, 20X!!