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29-01-10, 01:18
I have recently inquired about help to no avail. Maybe I can get some now that I have a little more information.

I have found Vihtori Anderss. Kumpulainen b.10.05.1867 in Pihtipudas. I have found the birthdate in the Rippikirja on two differnet pages kuva 425 and 554 but I cant seem to find them in Hiski and I think it should be there.

His parents I believe are Anders Johanss. Kumpulainen b. 20.04.1828 in the same parrish.

His mother is Anna Lisa Puranen(i think)b.14.07.1841 or 14.03.1842, its hard to read.

Pihtipudas doesnt have any marriage records on Hiski so I can not find her patronymic on Hiski.

There are aslo a couple of siblings listed
Hilda b.18.05.1871
Otto b.27.08.1875
Johannes b. 31.08.1879

There is something else but it is crossed out. Why did they cross things out in the Rippikirja? Its very hard to read.

I am looking for a possible marriage date for Anders and Anna Lisa and who their parents are.

Or if anyone has any suggestions where I can double check my information. I have checked with some resources but nothing is verifying the information that I have.


29-01-10, 09:15
Hello Rachel,

I am afraid I cannot be of much help in your search as the parish is unknown to me, but maybe it helps if I clear up the situation a bit.

Pihtipudas seems to have been a daughter parish to Viitasaari and has its own records from 1780's. Unfortunately most of them were distroyed in a fire 1881 (and unfortunately this info is not on the English pages of "Additional information about the parish". I checked for the name Kumpulainen in Pihtipudas, but there were only a few records. In Viitasaari there are lots of Kumpulainen, also written as Kumbulainen. If you search in HisKi you'd better look for surname "Ku", so you'll get both spellings. It is quite possible those people have come from Viitasaari, but they have been in Pihtipudas at least before 1872, because the Communion book says they are in the old CB on page 1207. I wonder, if that CB exists. Your info seems to be correct (what can be gathered from this scanty info available) but the birth years are 1838 and 1842. And it was a common and not very helpful custom of the priests to cross out all persons who had died or moved out.

It is not easy to say what you could do now. It is always detective work to search in parishes where the documentation has been destroyed, and having no access to the archives, it is almost impossible. The personal tax records are available in the net, but they do not care about marriages or such, simply list the persons living at the time. Most other material like court records, deceased's estate or land registration documents are usually only on paper in the regional archives. I think your best bet is to go to the Finnish genealogical sites and ask around. With luck, someone has already those people in their family tree or at least knows the area better.

Good luck!