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30-01-10, 03:49
I am trying to find a Staffan Ryhänen b. Oct 12 1792 that was married to a Lovisa Leinonen b. May 3, 1804.

I found them in the church records for Iisalmen Parish under Walkiamäki. They were married Nov. 30, 1827.

I am actually looking for the parents of this Staffan Ryhänen but it does not list his father's name. I did however look it the hiski records and found a Staffan Henricsson Ryynänen that moved from Ollickala to Leppävirta http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski?en+t1676354 and was wondering if someone could help me confirm if that is the same one.

Here is the record i found of him and his family in the church records.

I haven't fully mastered finding hiski documents in the church records. i greatly appreciate any help... :D

31-01-10, 01:20
Please disregard that last post I made, I found out this is not the same person. I am now aware that you cannot delete messages previously that were written by you. This is unfortunate.

Karen Norwillo
31-01-10, 17:24
I found your Staffan and Lovisa and the births of 7 children to them. I also found their deaths. I don't know if you have these. Steffan died 14.6.1844 in Pastorat 42 from feber at age 52. Lovisa died 17.5.1866 in Pastorsbolet from nerffeber(Typhoid)at age 62. I also found a "moving in" record for a Lovisa Leinonen 18.10.1823 from Cajana to Idens. Prestg. On Family Search there is a Staffan Ryhain born 1792 in Iisalmi mrsk, Kuopio, Finland to a Henric Ryhain and Katarina Nissin. I don't know if this could be him, but it's the only one that came up.

05-02-10, 04:33
Thank you so much for that information Karen. I will look on Familysearch to find that information and then research it with the church records if I can. That is a great lead for me to follow. Thanks again.