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June Pelo
02-02-10, 21:34
Finland is ranked in 18th place, after Spain, in the quality of life index of the Life Style Magazine International Living. France tops the list for cost of living, economy, culture, leisure time, environment and weather. Norway was ranked 12th and Denmark was in 16th place. 200 countries were ranked.

At the end of 2009 the number of people who are registered as members in the Evangelical Lutheran Church dropped to 79.7%. The number of baptized children dropped 2.5% They are the children of the group of young adults who dropped out of the Church and who chose not to baptize their children. The number of church weddings dropped by 57% and 44,000 people dropped out of the Church in 2009.

The Finnish-American Rest Home in Lake Worth, FL is now accepting all Scandinavians. Prior to this year only Finns were accepted. The Home was established in 1973 and provides meals, housekeeping and transportation to retirees.

Norden, 21 Jan 2010

K-G Molander
03-02-10, 03:59

"44,000 people dropped out of the Church in 2009."
Are there any statistics about how many joined other denominations in 2009?

June Pelo
03-02-10, 21:31

The article doesn't mention anything more. The information came from the Befolkningsregistercentralens förhandsuppgifter från 30.12.2009.