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03-02-10, 19:48
Hello from Georgia (originally Kansas) USA,

My name is Rebecca Frazier-Troxell. I have dipped into looking for family off and on. I don't know much about the family that I am looking for. I hear stories from my parents about visits to Michigan to see family. I want something more to pass on to my children. My dad mentioned the following details to me. His mother, Taimi Marie Hill Frazier's parents were Aliina (Elina) (unknown maiden) Hill and John Hill. Both of his grandparents came over from Finland in about 1902 according to the 1920 census records, and at that time, they were 40 and 38 respectively. They had 4 other children besides his mother: John, George, Helmi and Mamie. Their ages according to the 1920 census were about: 10,9,7 and 6.

From what I have heard, Helmi married a Fred J. Paulson that was a Houghton County Sheriff from 1949-1956 and then the Police Chief in Hancock, Michigan starting in 1957. I believe that they had 2 sons and a daughter. I am unable to find anything in records. I guess since I am new to the genealogy mix that I might be missing some very important search steps.

I would love, love it if someone had more information than I do at the moment. Thank you in advance for any information!

Becky :)

Karen Norwillo
04-02-10, 03:58
Here is your Hill family in 1920 and 1930. Note, all children born in MI
I also found Fredrick J Paulson 6 Apr 1902, died 5 Mar 1982 in Hancock, Houghton, MI.
I'll do more searching tomorrow.

Karen Norwillo
04-02-10, 18:27
I found a reference to Fred J Paulson on the Hancock Sheriff's Dept website. There was a posting by someone who knew his two sons, John and Rick ("Rat") These were posting regarding remembering the past sheriffs. Fred J Paulson 1949-1956.
I'm sure you probably have this, but...Taimi Marie Hill 30 Mar 1908 Hancock, MI-Apr 1974 Blue Mound, KS
I found one John Nickola Hill 12 Sep 1881 in the WWI Draft Cards. Hancock, Houghton, MI, wife Helena. Eliina, Aliina, Helena all the same. Don't know if this is yours, but the other John Hill in Hancock says wife and 3 children. By 1917, John had 6. Near as I can figure from the census, they had a child almost every year from 1908 to 1915
From a Family Tree on Ancestry, Taimi's husband was Chester Frazier. Eliina (Aliina) Hill born 1 Jul 1879 in Finland-Apr 1976 Hancock, MI at 97. No maiden name for her. Nothing on John.

15-02-10, 01:22

Thanks for the reply. I did find the information that you have suggested. I just wish there were some way that I could trace them back to Finland. Without an original name that might be difficult. Thanks for the help though. Do you have any ideas how I might try to find out the original name?

15-02-10, 03:25
Hi Becky,

Locate the church that they belonged to. Ask the church secretary for the "Reception of Members" for your family. Often the Reception of Members listed the mother's maiden name, the date of marriage, each person's date of birth and where they were born. Older records will name the Parish in Finland that they came from and date of immigration.

Also, if you can locate obituaries for Elina and John they may mention where they were born and sometimes they will say if they have siblings still living in the "old country" as well as those in America.

The census says they were naturalized. Although they immigrated in 1902, they were probably naturalized after 1906. You can order a copy from the Houghton County Clerk. http://www.houghtoncounty.net/directory-hcclerk.shtml


Karen Norwillo
15-02-10, 18:00
Using the known birth date of Elina, on Hiski, there is one Elina born 1.7.1879 in Merikarvia/Sastmola to Frans Emil Erkinpk. and Adolfina Rosendahl in Gräni no 1. There are two others on that date, one in Kirvu named Helena and one in Multia named Hilda Elina. Merikarvia the only Elina.

Karen Norwillo
15-02-10, 20:07
Correction on above post. Father should be Frans Erik, not Emil and place should be just Gräni.

Karen Norwillo
15-02-10, 21:11
Here's John and Eliina returning from a trip to Finland on the Aquitania in 1926 I found them on the Migration Passenger List 7.1926 and arriving NY 24 Jul 1926. Doesn't say where they've been, but they are Naturalized. Says Nat. Co Court Houghton, MI. Passport #188352. Going home to 416 Tescouci, Hancock, MI.

Karen Norwillo
15-02-10, 22:29
On LDS Family Search Pilot, I found the marriage record of John Hill. Says
29 July 1907 John Hill,age 26, Finland, father Jack Hill, saloonkeeper,
Elena Erickson, 28, Finland, father Frank Erickson, domestic
witnesses J Loitinen, Hancock and J Paavola, Hancock
pastor John Back

The father of Elina would fit with that birth record in Merikarvia of Frans Erik Eriksson.

Karen Norwillo
16-02-10, 04:09
On the 1910 census in Hancock, MI, I found John Back, minister Finnish Church. This must be the minister who married John and Elina. He was from Finland.
I also found an Elina Eriksson born 1879 in Merikarvia issued passport 25.06.1902 and left Finland 12.07.1902 to Boston. This may just be the port she arrived at and not her final destination.
There are several old Lutheran Churches in Hancock. The old Finnish Church could possibly be the one known as Bethany at the time.

16-02-10, 19:10

I don't know how to thank you. I didn't know the first thing about searching either LDS, or the Hiski. I am assuming that the Hiski is the project that I hear about all the time. Every time that I have tried to access it though, I get an error. Thank you SO much! I can't wait to dig in and find more information. Not that there will ever be a way that I can return the favor, but I would if I could.


Karen Norwillo
16-02-10, 20:15
Does anyone know where the later records for Merikarvia might be found? FFHA Rippi only go to early 1800's.