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Karen Davies
05-09-03, 05:14
My maternal grandparents, John Nisula and Sofia Lilli, were from Lapua and Seinäjoki, and I have many related names in my files from that general area. My paternal grandmother was Mathilda Waarala (Väärälä) from Pyhäjoki. Her parents were Henric Thomass. Kantola and Lovisa Jermiasdr. Pihlajaniemi, and I would like to learn more about her line. My paternal grandfather was Herman Johnson who reported in 1896 in Montana that he was from Simo, but I haven't been able to find his Finnish name or exact birth. He reported his parents' names as John Johnson and Mary Sorila. If anyone is connected to any of the above names, I would love to hear from you.

June Pelo
05-09-03, 17:47

Based on your comments, I tried to find something about Lovisa Jeremiasdotter Pihlajaniemi. You didn't give any dates and the only Lovisa Jeremiasdotter I found in HisKi was married 20 Feb 1859 in Pundari village, Kuhmalahti parish to Henrik Thomasson Mäkelä. Lovisa was also from Pundari village. But she didn't have the Pihlajaniemi name.

In Ikaalinen parish there were some Pihlajaniemi names and I found a Mathilda, b. 29 Apr 1854 in Kilvakkala village to crofter Johan Eliasson Pihlajaniemi and wife Eva Stina Johansdotter from Ookari farm, Wihteljärvi village. Johan and Eva married 20 Jan 1851 in Jylli vilage. Could Mathilda and Johan be parents of Lovisa? I also found a Lovisa, b. 6 Sep 1838 in Pidisjärvi village, Nivala parish to Matts Mattsson Pihlajaniemi and Johanna. So the Pihlajaniemi name can be found in a number of parishes. You can find more by searching HisKi.


Karen Davies
05-09-03, 18:38
Hi June,
Someone sent me this information awhile ago:

"Vmo Lovisa Jeremiantr. s. 11.4.1839, -tuli Raahesta 1872. Lapsi: Lisa Josefina Lovisantr. s.10.11.1861 (?391 N:1?)"

I'm not exactly sure what all of it means, but if the birth date is correct, then the marriage you cited seems likely. From the same person I have:

"Henric Thomass Kantola Väärälä and Lovisa Jermiasdr Pihlajaniemi had the following children:"
i. Kaisa Henricsdr
ii. Matilda Henricsdr b. 29 Jul 1874 Pyhäjoki
iii. Johan Henrik Henricss b. 3 Sep 1876 Pyhäjoki
iv. Maria Gustafa Henricsdr 30 May 1879 Pyhäjoki
v. Antti Adof Henricss b. 5 Oct 1883 Pyhäjoki

Thanks for your help.