View Full Version : Hellman, Adelina (Lina) 1886-1954

05-02-10, 00:24

This is my maternal grandmother. She was born September 14, 1886, probably in Tjöck or Låhlby, Lappfjärd. She married Frans Leonard Nylund (see another thread), and they both lived in Låhlby, Lappfjärd for the rest of their lifes. Adelina died January 17, 1954.
Her father was probably named Alexander Hellman, and he was a shoemaker/tailor. I have been able to trace many shoemakers/tailors named Hellman in Låhlby/Lappfjärd, and other places, further back in time, but I can't connect them to my grandmother, since the HiSki records stops at 1850.
I'm trying to find out where my grandmother was born, and who her parents were. I'll be thankful for any information, or tips where to find more info.

Best regards / Tony