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07-02-10, 11:09
Hello, I have a request, that I know, will be a hard nut to crack indeed. I wish sincerely, that someone here could be helpful for me, cousin Liisa living in Middle Finland and cousin Christine, the dauhgter of Harold Osterberg living in Oregon!
To begin with: The known facts are, that a baby boy Harold G Osterberg was born in New York 4.10.1914, who's mother was Emilia Wilhelmina Lampinen, born in Pihlajavesi 19.5.1893, migrated to US in 19.5.1893. Emilia died in New York 30.8.1915. The little son was brought up (maybe even adopted) in New Jersey by Emilia's brother Anton Lampinen (born in Ruovesi 7.8.1879), who left US and moved back to Finland for good in 1934. So Harold was left all alone in New York.
It was a hearsay, that Harold's birth father was Suede by birth, and that he died of pneumonia in New York as well as mother Emilia, around the year 1915.
So far we have been unable to track down any records of marriage or birth concerning the Lampinen-Osterberg family in NY. Harold G Lampinen died in Los Angeles 10.3.1960 and his death certificate referres to Gideon Osterberg as his father. During his adult life in US Harold also used the family name Osterberg.
We also do have a picture of Emilia, his spouse and the baby Harold in the age of 1 yr. The picture was sent to Emilia's family in Finland. So we do know, that the family existed once, but have lost the Osterbergs, except Harold's daughter Christine, (born in 1954)and found by her finnish cousin Liisa in 2005! We would be grateful, if someone could lend us a helping hand!

Karen Norwillo
07-02-10, 17:08
I found Emilia (Emmie) Lampinen in the 1910 census in New Rochelle, Westchester, NY as a servant. US 1909, which matches her info on Migation Institute.
In 1920, Harold was in Cleon, Manistee, MI with Anton and wife, listed as nephew Lampinen. age 5, born NY
1930, he is still with Anton and wife, now in Hillsborough, Somerset, NJ. Age 15, still not listed as Osterberg.
No luck on any Gideon Osterberg.

Karen Norwillo
07-02-10, 20:23
May I ask how you have the exact date of death for Emilia? If you are certain of the date and that it happened in NY, then you should be able to get a copy of her death certificate from the state. I would give them the option of finding it under both Lampinen and/or Osterberg. If you would like me to try from this end, I will do so. Has Christine tried? If she has and nothing was found, that's a different story. Maybe then, she didn't die in NY. Since Harold was in MI in 1920, could she have died there? Let me know.

07-02-10, 20:38
In reference records from the Institute of Migration are a couple Osterbergs which may provide further clues in your search.
Best Regards,

Detailed information (Reference records)
Last name: Osterberg
First names: Helmi
Other name: *
Date of birth: . .1903
Place of birth: Viipuri
State of birth: VII
Country of birth: SF
Date of death: 02.01.1965
Place of death: New York
State of death: NY
Country of death: USA
References: Kirkollinen Kalenteri 1978: 223(Muistosanoja vainajista).
Remarks: LS: > 1922 USA. KS: Marguette, MI, USA. Pso: John Osterberg. Vih: 1926. Lapset: Lotta Steward, Kaarina Small, Paul, Mauri ja John. Merkittävä kulttuuripersoona.

Detailed information (Reference records)
Last name: Osterberg
First names: Johan
Other name: *
Date of birth: . .9999
Place of birth: *
State of birth: *
Country of birth: *
Date of death: . .9999
Place of death: *
State of death: *
Country of death: USA
References: Kirkollinen Kalenteri 1978: 223(Muistosanoja vainajista).
Remarks: Pso: Helmi Osterberg. Vih: 1926. KS: Marguette, MI, USA. Lapset: Lotta Stevard, Kaarina Small, Paul, Mauri ja John.
And there is one passport for an Osterberg:

Detailed passport information
Last name Osterberg
First names Karl Emil Lennart
Other names *
Date of birth . .1879
Marital status 1
Religion Lut.
Occupation Renki
Home parish Vaasa
Province VAA
Passport date 22.08.1912
Passport number 2954
Passport valid (year:month) 5:0
Destination Amerikka
Passport issued by VAA
Remarks *

Karen Norwillo
07-02-10, 21:56
From the death record of Dorothy Veronica Gall Osterberg, wife of Harold, mmn Mate, father Gall. Born 5 Dec 1922 OH and died 30 Mar 1983 in Los Angeles cty, CA. Found them on the 1954 CA Voters List at 3343 Baltic Ave in Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA.
Dorothy's parents were Stephen Gall 28 Aug 1890 Hungary, died 7 May 1953. Toledo, Lucas, OH. (OH Death Index 1908-1953) and Maria (Mary) Mate also born Hungary abt 1894. Found them in Toledo, Lucas, OH in 1920 and 1930 census. Son Joseph born OH abt 1904, daughters Margaret abt 1916 and Dorothy 1922. In 1917, they were in Continental, Putnam, OH (WWI Draft Card) with 2 children.

08-02-10, 09:51
Hi Karen and many thanks for your interest! The date of Emilia's death stams from the books of her childhood parish Pihlajavesi. Obviously the info was given by the siblings, also living in US. There were 4 of them together, of whom Antto and Ivar returned to Finland, whereas Emilia's sister Impi married and died in NY in 1924. I'm positive, that Emilia died in NY. In case you are willing to search the facts for us, I'm nothing but grateful! Thankyou in advance.

08-02-10, 13:38
Correction to make: Emilia's migration was in the year 1909, of course!

Karen Norwillo
08-02-10, 20:48
I'll see what I can do. The state of NY charges 22.00 for a copy. I need your name and how you or the person you're searching for are related to the person on the death record. You can send it PM if you want me to proceed.

Karen Norwillo
10-02-10, 15:55
By chance, I found Emilia's death info on-line on the NY City Death Records 1891-1948. Given the date of death you gave me,
Emma Osterberg died 30 Aug 1915 at age 23 in Manhattan file #25615
Do you want me to send for the record or just accept this info. She must have still been using Emmie instead of Emilia and they assumed it was for Emma. This proves she was married. I think the birth record of Harold would be a better choice as it would prove parentage and father's first name. No Gideon Osterberg on the death list. Do you know if Harold's daughter ever got a copy of his birth record?

Karen Norwillo
10-02-10, 17:05
I found someone on RAOGK in NY who will do searches of Vital Records in Manhattan. I asked if he would look for the birth record. I'll let you know. It may not be available there, but worth a look. May have to request from state.

Karen Norwillo
10-02-10, 17:41
I heard back from the person at RAOGK. Birth records must be obtained from State, but...he found the marriage of Emilia using a Soundex search.
Lampmen, Emilia, Sept 9 1913 Manhattan rec #21738. He's trying to find the groom's name. I told him you were particularly interested in the first name.
Jim is going to the Archives tomorrow and will get me the certificate copy of the marraige.

Karen Norwillo
10-02-10, 20:29
By the way, I have had such good response through the years from the kind volunteers at RAOGK I finally decided to become a volunteer in my area. I guess it's time I pay back others who have been so kind to me through that site. I have had people obtain records for me, newpaper obits, courthouse records etc at no cost or very minimal cost all over the US. They are a great source of info. Just enter RAOGK and the state and you'll get a list of volunteers, by county, and what they are willing to do.

11-02-10, 08:45
What marwllous job of all of you. I'm astonished and thankful, overwhelmed and overjoyed...whatever... Thankyou! You guys certainly made my day! :D

Karen Norwillo
12-02-10, 02:56
Here's your marriage info for Emilia. Groom's name was August G Osterberg, address 16 W.36th St, age 30, Finland, clerk, father: Gideon Osterberg, mother: Matilda Johanson. Bride, Emilia Lampinen, 307 E. 18th St. age 20, single, Finland, father: Herman, mother: Mary Maki? Witness: Impi Lampinen.
City Hall, Manhattan.
So groom was August, probably Gideon was second name after father?? Now you know she did marry. Now that I have his first name, maybe I can find him on that death index where I found Emilia. I'll let you know.
I lost your email address. This was transcribed from the record book by the nice man from RAOGK.

12-02-10, 09:18
My dear Karen! I want to thank you so much for giving us this precious gift.
The documet proved me, that everything, that my late Mom had told me, was true.

This is all like fairytale to me! And the whole forum seems to work like magic.
I wish, I could pay back your kindnes somehow! In case you ever come to Finland, you have a place to visit, just make a call and say the word! Or if there'es any family info here in Finland, that I could possibly look for you, feel free to turn to me, and I'll see what I can do. In case there were some costs caused by your research, that should be payed back at least. Just tell me what to do! The emailadress is liisa_lappi*msn.com
Ps. My warmest thanks to the man, who helped you and us to get the copy. Have my admiration, both of you! This truely is amazing. Thankyou.

Karen Norwillo
12-02-10, 14:42
You're quite welcome. I told Jim you would be very happy with his finding.
I was in Finland in 2004 and 2008 and hope to return again soon. This Fall, my daughter and I will be going to Sweden, Norway and Denmark. My maternal grandfather was born in Stockholm and I have a cousin (Finnish) who lives just south of Oslo. I have lots of family in Finland. Where are you located?

14-02-10, 17:06
Hi Karen
Its nice to know, that you've got family in Scandinavia and even here in Finland. I'm located in the Middle-Finland, a small town called Keuruu. It's miraculous, but true, that you can actually visit the city via Google street wiew. My only American cousin seems to be Christine from Oregon. She is a very close friend of mine nowadays. A visit has been planned, and may take place in 2011. In case your next visit will bring you near to Keuruu, you'll easily find me here, at my newsdesk of the local paper, ready to sharpen my pen...My profession is that of a writer, you see...Good stories with Happy Ends are always worth of telling, and this fore sure was one of them!
Thanks again and have a merry Valentine's Day!