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23-12-03, 10:11
Location : Williams Lake, B.C., Canada
Interests : woodworking, genealogy, gardening and photography
Occupation : Land Officer (Professional Registered Forester)
Researching surnames : Henriksson, Holmström, Fagerström, Laxell, Fagerström, Johansson, Eriksson, Sundqvist, Höglund, Söderholm, Klasson, Ullner, Wichtman, Grass, Orava, Paulin, Hultin, Hirvonen, Leppänen, Kuronen & Koljonen
Researching places/parishes : Västanfjärd, Dragsfjärd, Kimito,Finsjö, Vihitis, Kiihtelysvaara, Pyhäselkä & Sweden

Charlotte Söder
18-09-08, 11:33
I would be interested to get information about these persons:

Wichtman, Eva ”Caisa” Catharina, born 17.03.1749 i Vihtis, Orvala, d. 1806 in Västanfjärd
Married 29.09.1773 to:
Ullner, Erik Fredrik, born 18.07.1750 in Västanfjärd, dead 24.09.1819 in Västanfjärd

Ullner, Gustav Johan, born 27.07.1774 ni Västanfjärd, dead 1775 in Västanfjärd
Ullner, Adolph Fredrik, born 25.07.1776 in Västanfjärd, dead 21.06.1853 in Kimito
Ullner, Hedvig Christina, born 22.11.1779 in Västanfjärd, dead 28.04.1822 in Västanfjärd
Ullner, Vendla Carolina, born 15.11.1782 in Västanfjärd, dead 10.04.1847 in Västanfjärd
Ullner, Eric Gustaf, born 03.10.1785 in Västanfjärd, dead 13.07.1853 in Åbo
Ullner, Otto, born 22.09.1788 i Västanfjärd, dead 10.10.1799 in Västanfjärd

Parents to, Wichtman, Eva ”Caisa” Catharina, born 17.03.1749 in Vihtis:

Father: Wichtman Johan, Corporal, born ? burried, 09.08.1765 in Vihtis
Married to.
Mother: Grass Anna Christina

Wichtman, Eric Johan, born 21.09.1731
Wichtman, Fredrich, born 21.07.1741 in Vihtis
Wichtman, Eva “Caisa” Catharina born 1749
Wichtman, Lovisa, babtisted 21,05.1752 in Vihtis
Wichtman, Gustav, babtisted 25.02.1754 i Vihtis, dead 1754
Wichtman, Albertina, babtisted 11.03.1756 I Vihtis, dead 14.03.1756 i Vihtis.

I would be glad to get information about the familys Wichtman and Grass, ancesters, parents if they had any sieblings etc.. All information, of course, is of interest

Best Regards

18-09-08, 19:10
I have generated two reports for you which may answer your questions. Most of this information I received from Karl Laxell in Finland who is a distant cousin. I have supplemented this information with my own research but there are several unknowns. Johan Jakobsson Wichtman is my 6th great grandfather and Vendla Carolina Ullner is my 4th great gandmother. If you have any questions please email me at norrgard (at) shaw.ca or leave a message on this forum.

I am curious as to you relationship to these people.

Best regards,

Pentti Leppänen