View Full Version : Reading the last name in this communion record

11-02-10, 17:22
Hey everyone, I am stymied by this last name in this 1749-1756 communion record for Porvoo, Finland.


It is the first person on the page-

+bonden Erick ____son
+Hu Anna Isaksdr
son Matts Ersson
hu Anna Mattsdotter

What is Erick's last name? It looks like "Jos" or something. Is it Joseph? Any help is really appreciated!! Thank you!

Jaska Sarell
11-02-10, 19:33
I'd think he's Johansson, abbreviated as Joh ss (double s like in German ).
Compare letter h in names below: dr Johanna Ersdr, svg Joh. Matsson ...

:) Jaska

13-02-10, 17:49
Thanks Jaska, you are absolutely right.

I am suprised that I still cannot find his death record on HisKi. He might have died elsewhere, however.

Anyway, thanks again Jaska!