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12-02-10, 11:47
Hello all readers!

I am searching for
Karl Rainer Alexander Schoultz, born 2.6.1882 in Forssa (/Tammela). He was living in his parish 24.9.1899, but soon in the years following this he emigrated and the parishpriest noted "Amer", meaning "to America". Have somebody got more about his emigration? Where did he emigrate?
Thankful for every hint!

12-02-10, 13:42
Hi Johan,
From the Institute of Migration I found the following passport, but not a passenger record.

Best Regards,
Denise :)

Detailed passport information
Last name Schoultz
First names Karl Rainer Alexander
Other names *
Date of birth . .1882
Marital status 1
Religion *
Occupation Nuorukainen
Home parish Tammela
Province HÄM
Passport date 26.03.1903
Passport number 236
Passport valid (year:month) 0:0
Destination *
Passport issued by HÄM
Remarks Pk 31.12.1903 asti.

Karen Norwillo
12-02-10, 15:09
Carl R A Schoultz 2 June 1882-5 June 1958 St Louis county, MN..MN Death Index

1910 and 1920, family in Eveleth, St Louis, MN. 1910 married 3 yrs. Anna from Finland.

Carl Schoultz, wife Anna (Kyllonen) Violet, Clarence and Marcella. Sister-in-law Amanda Kyllonen and later also Lempi Kyllonen.

MN Birth Index
Schoultz, 3 Jul 1908 St Louis, mmn: Kyllonen, this must be Violet
15 Jun 1910 Carl Henrik Clarence Schoultz, St Louis, mmn: Kyllonen. Didn't find Marcella's birth.

WWI Draft card image attached.

Karen Norwillo
12-02-10, 16:25
More info from Ancestry and MN Birth and Death Indexes.

Anna Gustava Kyllonen 23 Mar 1889 Vieksi, Kuhmo, Finland, 11 Jan 1936 Anoka, MN
Married 14 Jun 1907 Eveleth, MN. Parents Jacob Kyllonen and Johanna Bukkanin( Pääkönen).

Violet Joan Schoultz 3 Jul 1908-8 Jan 1987 in Iron River, WI. Married to Armas Taino 1907-1993 on 23 Dec 1933 in Eveleth.
Carl Henry Clarence Schoultz 15 Jun 1910-8Mar 1996 Waupaca, WI
married Helen Maki, she died 22 Mar 1994 in Virginia, MN
Marcelle or Marcella Schoultz 3 Oct 1911-1 Jan 2001 Eveleth, MN. married Edward Hjalmar Westerlund 1898-1974 on 31 Jul 1950 in Eveleth.
These are from One World Tree on Ancestry.

Jacob Kyllonen 1867 Kuhmo, Finland-8 Jan 1940 Duluth, MN
Spouse #1 Johanna Bukkanin (Pääkönen) 25 Mar 1867-16 Feb 1900. Per Hiski, name should be Pääkönen.
This is mother of Anna Gustava, Amanda and John Peter Kyllonen. Her parents were Jacob Pääkönen and Anna Klemetti.
Spouse #2 Eveliina Ojanen

John Peter Kyllonen 5 Apr 1898 Eveleth-Jan 1968 Cloquet, MN.
married Helen Victoria Wickstrom.
Lempi Maria Kyllonen 6 Nov 1901-16 Jun 1975 Minneapolis, MN
Married Ward Edwards

Sara Amanda (Saara Amanta)Kyllonen 28 Oct 1891 Katerma, Kuhmo, Finland
1905 MN State Census and 1910 Census show 2 other children, looks like Urho Rudolph and Eino, ages 6 and 1 in 1910. 1905 census has Evelina as Lena.

12-02-10, 19:00
Thank you, Denise and Karen! This is once again amazing.
In this case my relation to these persons comes actually from quite far. Father of Karl Rainer Alexander Schoultz, Karl Henrik Schoultz was married to Anna Johanna ("Hanna") Hultin and she was greatgranddaughter of a younger brother to my gggggrandfather.

This family belongs to the descendents of my first forefather in Finland. This amounts now to 304 years in Finland.

14-02-10, 19:11
Karl Rainer Alexander Schoultz did have one sister, that came to an adult age. She was Mary Johanna Schoultz b. 22.10.1885. I don't actually know if she emigrated, but the aforementioned remark could apply to her as well.
Is she mentioned in any emigration data?

15-02-10, 04:25
Hi Johan,
I didn't find your Mary Johanna Schoultz, but I did find a Georg Schoultz from the same area as your Karl Rainier. Here is his passport from the Institute of Migration.

Best Regards,

Detailed passport information
Last name Schoultz
First names Georg
Other names *
Date of birth . .9999
Marital status *
Religion *
Occupation Konttoristi
Home parish Tammela
Province HÄM
Passport date 22.07.1890
Passport number 473
Passport valid (year:month) 0:1
Destination Ulkomaat
Passport issued by TUR
Remarks *

15-02-10, 11:35
Thank you , Denise for your help!

15-02-10, 14:59
Hi Johan,
These are all the Schoultz names on the Institute of Migration, passports and passenger records. If any are of interest to you please let me know and I will post the information:


Schoultz Aina 12.09.1892 . .9999 Turku Venäjä
Schoultz Anna 29.08.1892 . .9999 Turku Ulkomaat
Schoultz Dagmar 02.09.1899 . .1872 Kauhava Ulkomaat
Schoultz Dina Josefina 25.10.1897 . .1876 Vaasa Ruotsi
Schoultz Edla Ulrika 15.11.1905 . .1869 Vaasa Saksa
Schoultz Georg 22.07.1890 . .9999 Tammela Ulkomaat
Schoultz Gustaf 16.08.1889 . .9999 Kristiinankaup. Tanska
Schoultz Ivar Gabriel 16.06.1903 . .9999 Turku *
Schoultz Karl Fredrik 03.05.1901 . .9999 Vaasa Ulkomaat
Schoultz Karl Fredrik 15.11.1905 . .1872 Vaasa Saksa
Schoultz Karl Fredrik 10.01.1896 . .1872 Vaasa Ruotsi
Schoultz Karl Fridolf 13.08.1892 . .9999 Turku Venäjä
Schoultz Karl Rainer Alexander 26.03.1903 . .1882 Tammela *
Schoultz Oscar 18.11.1903 . .9999 Turku *
Schoultz Paul 12.09.1892 . .9999 Turku Venäjä
Schoultz Paul 04.08.1892 . .9999 Turku Ulkomaat
Schoultz T. T. 25.06.1890 . .9999 Turku Ulkomaat
Schoultz Thure Edvard 01.09.1896 . .1864 Vaasa Amerikka
Schoultz Tyko Fridolf 26.09.1892 . .9999 Turku Ulkomaat
Schoultz Tyko Fridolf 11.09.1897 . .9999 Turku Ruotsi

Passenger Record (only one available)
Detailed passenger information
Last name Schoultz
First names Helge
Age or age group 23
Port of departure Helsinki
Place of destination New York
State of destination NY
Country of destination USA
Price of ticket FIM 7440
Ship from Finland Arcturus
Date of departure from Finland 15.08.1928
Ship from England Olympic
Date of departure from England 22.08.1928
Ocean Line White Star Line
Port of departure in England Southampton
List and page 123/31
Remarks Sn kirj. von Schoultz.