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13-02-10, 16:17
Hi !
I appreciate if there are some one who has accsess to U.S. Census 1920-30-40-50 and can help me to find more information about this person. What i know is that:
Tuomas Myllylä, born 22. febr.1879(or 1878) in Rautio, Finland, travelled from Finland to England 1913 and from Liverpool to Portland MAINE he arrived 4 jun. 1913 with Franconia ship and with name Thomas Mylhyla. His destination was Sault Ste Marie. Canada where he got his cousin John Vahlman. He arrived from Canada to USA in nov.1914 with name Thomas Myllyla, but then he disappeared with that name and took new name, Thomas Oja. He died 30 mar.1954 in Grimsley hospital in The Dalles Oregon, and was buried in Stewart Creek Cemetery, Quincy. Colombia County, Oregon in 1 apr.1954. He lived probably in Grays Harbor County, Washington U.S. before he died.
What i need, is information about his life in USA, moves, did he married in USA, have he desendants, what he did for living etc.
I appreciate all help and information that you can give.

With my best
Tapio from Kokkola, Finland

Karen Norwillo
13-02-10, 17:25
I found him in 1930 in Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, WA. He's 51, a roomer, Says widowed, married at 24, laborer in logging camp. WA Death Index says he died in Longview, Cowlitz, WA 30 Mar 1954. Could not find in earlier census. There's a Thomas Oja in earlier census in PA, but not same man. Also found a Tom Myllyla in MN on WWI Draft cards. Wife Hanna in Finland. Matches your birth date.