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16-02-10, 18:07
Alfred Mattson, born 19 Dec 1871 in Finland, parents Matti Mattson and Maria Lehtinen. Alfred moved to Wakefield Michigan.
Selma Elizabeth Aho, born 20 February 1868 in Oulun Lanni, Finland. Father was Matti Aho.
Alfred and Selma married in Wakefield Michigan and had Femme "Faye" Aurora b. 1904, Walter b. 1897, Aili "Ila" b. 1898, Henry b. 1906, Marnie b. 1900 and Nels b. 1904.
Any information about ancestors or descendants appreciated!

Karen Norwillo
16-02-10, 20:29
I found a MI Marriage 1868-1925 for a Selma E Aho and Alfred Kaura or Kauva (could also be an "R") in Wakefield 26 Oct 1896. Parents of Alfred match your info, Matti Kaura or Kauva and Maja (Maria), but Selma gives parents as Jacob and Kajsa Aho. Ages "off" abit from yours. Also found them on 1900 and 1910 census, which you may have. If you don't, I will post. Names on 1910 census very poorly spelled.
There are several obits available from Gogebic Roots for a small fee. Alfred, Selma E, Nels A and Walter M, all under Mattson. Site http://www.gogebicroots.com/Obituary.aspx. You can join the site for only 12.00 and they may have more info.

16-02-10, 21:50
I think this is the right family. Thank you for your impressively quick reply! Do you own the microfilm or is there access online? I have other marriages I'm interested in. Thank you!

Karen Norwillo
17-02-10, 17:33
No, I don't have the microfilm, but I will look them up for you. I found it on Family Search, the LDS site, under Search Pilot. Just post what you're looking for and I'll see what I can find.
The more I look at that last name of Alfred, it looks like R. Could be Rauna or Rauva??

Karen Norwillo
17-02-10, 18:12
Here's Walter's WWI Draft Card. Says father born in Kauhajoki, Finland.
By 1920 Census, Selma was a widow. So Alfred died between the 1910 and 1920 Census. In 1930 daughter Jennie/Jenny was married. Surname Harrison.
Selma's age varies with census anywhere from 1868-1872.

Karen Norwillo
17-02-10, 20:17
From the City Directories for Wakefield 1928-1938 and 1947
1928 Mattson, Selma Putnam St, Walter-druggist Houghton, Ila-clerk, home, Nelse-teamster, home, Henry-teamster, home, Ila-clerk, home.
1938 Mattson, Selvia (Selma) widow of Alfred 902 Putnam, Henry-deliveryman Walters Clover Farm Store
1947 Mattson, Henry 902 Putnam St surface worker Sunday Lake Mine
Ferris Institute, now Ferris State University, had a pharmacy school. The Pharmacy Building burned in a 1950 fire.

Walter A Mattson 27 Apr 1897-26 Mar 1962
Nela A Mattson died 10 Dec 1935
Selma E Mattson died 3 May 1945. Their obits are available from Gogebic Roots. Maybe Selma's will tell where she was from.

17-02-10, 20:58
When I looked at records on HisKi for Kauhajoki, I found a Matts born in 1850 to an Isak Matts: Paukonoja and Lisa Samuelsd:r. Doesn't Käyrä in Finnish sound like Kaura in English? I wish the handwriting wasn't so bad.

17-02-10, 21:00
OOps. I forgot to put in the most important part, that they were from a farm called Käyrä, which made me think of the name Kaura.

Karen Norwillo
17-02-10, 21:02
On FFHA in Kauhajoki, I found your Alfred. Surname Kaura in Aro By, Kauhajoki Rippi. Clearly shows DOB. Farm name Kaura. Father born Aronen

17-02-10, 21:51
I notice that one of his sisters is named Aurora and Alfred named one of his daughters Femme Aurora! Thank you.

Karen Norwillo
17-02-10, 22:08
You're welcome.
Are you sure about Selma coming from Oulu-Uleåborg or did you mean Oulu län? My father's father's family is from there. I checked the entirety of births for Uleåborg from 1867-1872, not one Selma born in that time period. I have a subscription to FFHA so I'll look in the north.

17-02-10, 22:20
Do you know what Aronen means? Is it a town or farm? How can I use it to help me find the parents of Matts Jacobsson? Do you know what the second column means? (where it says Kurikka after Maria Sammuelsd:r ?)

17-02-10, 22:22
This is what my uncle said when he told me about his grandmother. I have looked and I haven't been able to find it. By the way, I sent you a message in your message box.

Karen Norwillo
18-02-10, 03:30
The place after Maria Samuelsdotter is where she was born. Aronen could have been a farmname where Matts Jacobsson was born. It would have to be in Kauhajoki.
Oulu län is such a big place, it may take some time by process of elimination to find Selma. I checked Kemijärvi as it is primarily where my family records are found, along with Salla. I'll check that next. I'll check on Matts on Aronen in Kauhajoki.
By the way, I checked on Matts Leander Mattson and up to 1938, he was still married to Alena. In 1947 Knight, Iron Directory, Matt Mattson is listed with Mary. Says retired.

18-02-10, 16:06
Aliina died about 1945. Thanks for the name of Mary. where have you found the City directories? Am I able to get access? You have given me a lot!

Karen Norwillo
18-02-10, 20:22
I think I found the birth of Maria Samuelsdotter in Ilmajoki, not Kurikka. She is not found in their birth records on FFHA.
Born 8 Oct 1841 to Samuel Isaksson and Susanna Samuelsdotter at Ala-Bengtilä farm. One of the Godparents was from Kurikka and possibly the family moved there shortly after Maria was born. Ilmajoki, Kurikka and Kauhajoki are neighbors.
I also found on the next Rippi in Kauhajoki that Maria died in 1900, Aurora married. Some of the notes in the right side are very small and hard to read. Note daughter Maria Sofia above on Rippi, now married.
Here's the site for those directories. They include both Gogebic,MI and Iron county, WI. http://mattsonworks.com

Karen Norwillo
18-02-10, 21:38
I received a reply from Kent Randall at the Finnish-American Historical Archives. I quote, " John Back was a very influential pastor affiliated with the Suomi College and Suomi Synod Churches of the Midwest." The church in 1906 was the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hancock. This would be where Alfred and Selma married. It still stands, but is no longer a Lutheran church. The church moved to a different site and is now called the Gloria Dei.

Karen Norwillo
19-02-10, 16:32
Parents of Maria Samuelsdotter, Samuel Isaksson Ala Bengtilä 29 Sep 1819 and died 16 Jun 1843 Ilmajoki. He was only 23.
Susanna Samuelsdotter born 26 Mar 1822 in Kurikka. She and Maria moved back to Kurikka right after Samuel died in 1843. That's why she probably is given as Kurikka as it's the home she knew.

19-02-10, 17:25
what part is this showing me? I'm sorry for not getting it immediately.
And thank yo for all of your work. I'm amazed at the resources that you are familiar with.

19-02-10, 17:27
Now I see what it is!

Karen Norwillo
19-02-10, 18:08
Here are Susanna and Maria in Kurikka. Looks like she moved home to her parents. Father and mother at top of page along with two brothers, Samuel and Isak. So now you have four generations of Alfred's family through his mother.
Alfred Mattsson Kaura 19 Dec 1871
Matti Kaura and Maria Samuelsdotter 8 Oct 1841
Samuel Isaksson Ala Bengtilä 29 Sep 1819-16 Jun 1843 and Susanna Samuelsdotter 26 Mar 1822
Samuel Andersson 3 Apr 1790 and Maria Jakobsdotter ?1790, can't read month/day.