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Kerstin Sandelin
25-12-03, 01:03
Searching for information about my grandfather Johan Edvard Sandelin.
He was born 3 april 1888 in Tölby Solf Mustasaari . The family moved to Nikolajstad (Vasa) when he was a baby.
He himself was an seaman who "jumped off" in USA.
He was married to Maria Sofia Orre born 17 april 1885 in Malax.
They had tree children: Anna Linnéa born
Artur Lennart (my father)
Jarl Edvard
The thought was that his family scould come afterwards to USA but somehow it never happend so they stayed in Finland.
The only clue I have got on him is from the Immigrant &Naturalizations Record from Pennsylvania Indiana Date of order
12-30-1919 Vol 13 Certificate 1235325. his surname is there spelled Sanderkin whit signature Sandelin.
My questions are: where did he live? Where is he burried? Did he strat a new family "over there"?
My father always said that he lived in Massachussets but I haven´t found anythin on him there. He workes as somekind of maineworker or railroadworker. he was also with in the first world war as american soldier (corpral) stationed in France.
I would be very gratful if someone could help me to find anything about him.
He also had a older brother Who went to USA in an age of only 15 years .His name was Gustaf Wilhelm Sandelin (Smeds). I have found his SSN in Massachussets in the name of Gustaf Sand with SSN nr: 019-03-8565 born 23 aug 1873 ded may 1963. How do I get information if he had any children??
If anyone canpealse help me!!!:confused:

25-12-03, 02:12
Hi Kerstin,
I have found your Gustaf Sand in the 1900, 1910, and 1920 census for Worcester County, Massachusetts. In 1900 he is listed with his wife Ida, son Gustaf, and parents Gustaf and Annie.
In 1910 his father is still there but his mother is dead, and he now has a daughter, Alice, but no son, so he must have died. In 1920 it's just him, his wife Ida and daugher Alice.
I can send you all the details later but it will have to be after Christmas as I have no time right now. I will also try later to look for his brother. In 1900 there is another Sand family living nearby, Arthur Sand born in 1865 in Finland, and his wife Lena.
Hope this is helpful.

Kerstin Sandelin
19-01-04, 10:50
Hi Debbie!
i applogize not for ben answering you. Than you for all your work and troble sending me Census of Gustaf Sand. I am sorry to tell you that this is wrong Gustaf Sand. Date of birth is the same but "my" Gustafs parent never left Finland and their name was
Karl Oskar Sandelin and Ulrika Rodas/Smeds. So unfortunally I have got the wrong SSN-number. I am so sorry but thank you anyway.

19-01-04, 17:34
Oh, dear - that is disappointing! I'm sorry it wasn't the right one.
Well, I hope you find him eventually! Good luck!

Sandy Witt
27-01-04, 04:05

I think I may have found his World War I draft registration card on Ancestry.com (Pennsylvania - Armstrong County - Record Number 39).

I will attach a copy. I will also send it to your private e-mail address in case it doesn't come through correctly.

Sandy Johnson Witt
Gainesville, Florida

27-01-04, 09:36
Edward Sandelelin
Age: 31 years
Estimated birth year: 1888
Birthplace: Finland
Race: White
Home in 1920: West Wheatfield,
Indiana, "Pennsylvania county"

sandelin edward boarder age 31 white male married
self&parents b. finland imm year 1913

occupation coal miner

happy hunting

Kerstin Sandelin
27-01-04, 16:46
Thank you!!

Yes this is my grandfather! Oh i am so happy for all your help!

/Kerstin Sandelin

28-01-04, 00:37
correction to post of 1920 census

edward sandelelin

it is the census of "Pennsylvania"
and the County of "indiana"


Kerstin Sandelin
28-01-04, 17:45