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Diane Yanosik
20-02-10, 02:03
I need one more translation of a birth record at:
This record is for Justina Kempe, b. 8 Aug 1787 in Koskis. I see her mother listed as Lovisa Eklund, and in the writing that follows there are many Eklund names, my Magnus Eklund included. Among them are Carl Eklund, Ulrika Eklund. I'm thinking Magnus and Lovisa were maybe brother-sister? I do find a Carl Gustaf Kempe on the same page in Ekenäs Communion book here:
Carl Gustaf's birth record in Koskis lists Lovisa Eklund as his mother.
I'd appreciate a translation of the birth record for Justina.

Jaska Sarell
20-02-10, 09:14
I'll try to decipher the original with some explanations in parenthesis. That might help you and possibly others in understanding other birth records as well. The structure is quite the same all over.

Justina född d. 8 (born on 8th) fadren (father) skräddaren (tailor) Johan Kempe, och modren (mother) dess hust[ru] (his wife) Lovisa Eklund. Testes (witnessed by) Bruks skrifvaren (factory clerk) Fredrich Hiort, klensmeden (blacksmith) Joh[an] Löfberg, smeden (smith) Magnus Eklund, Carl Eklund, hust. (wife) Maria Fäldtberg, hust. Gretha Keij, hust. Stina Eklund, pig: (maid, used for unmarried women generally) Ulrica Eklund, och pig: Caisa Misk och döptes d. 9 ejusdem af Bergstenius (baptized on 9th same month by B.)

It seems very probable that Carl Gustaf Kempe is 1st cousin to Magnus (Jr) and Greta Stina Eklund.

Unfortunately the godparents' titles do not express the relationship to parents, but you may always speculate :p

:) Jaska

Diane Yanosik
20-02-10, 14:23
Thank you again Jaska,
Your explanation will give me a chance to understand the other entries I have found (quite a few) with the Eklunds listed. I would assume that anyone listed is family in one way or another, so that gives me other names to keep a look out for. Is there a website or book that lists the translations for occupations? I know basic ones like farm hand and sailor (I've quite a few of these in later generations). I feel bad bothering the list for explanations of these, but as I have said, it is very satisfying "fleshing out" my ancestors with as many details about them that I can. Thanks,

Jaska Sarell
20-02-10, 16:01
Harri Hirvelä's site (http://www.saunalahti.fi/hirvela/indexuk.html) is very useful for occupations, abbreviations and causes of death.
Worth bookmarking for future reference.

:) Jaska

Diane Yanosik
22-02-10, 04:11
Thank you Jaska, for all your help. That website is just what I was looking for and I have bookmarked it. I will use it often.
Now to try to digest the information on the information I have gathered...