View Full Version : Salla and Kemijärvi church books

Karen Norwillo
21-02-10, 16:01
Does anyone have access to the church books for these parishes?
I'm looking for the deaths of two of my grandfather's sisters.
Anna Kaisa Mikontytär Sulasalmi, born 23 Nov 1866. She married Johan Lars
(Juho Lauri) Isakinpoika Tuutijärvi abt 1890. They moved to the Jakkonen farm and all their children were born there. I have this info.Need her DOD.
Greta Mathilda Mikontytär Sulasalmi, born 20 Dec 1871. This is all the info I have about her.
Any help appreciated. Before I write to the parishes, I thought I'd try here.

21-02-10, 17:44
If noone here can help you, good luck writing the parish for the records. I have written multiple emails to the Porvoo church for a record from 1926, and I have never even gotten a response.

That is a huge problem with Finnish genealogy; the "1900+ barrier".