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22-02-10, 01:24

Does anyone have access to the 1900 Census?

Looking for any kind of ancestral information on the following:

John Holme or Holmi or Holm.

Someone stated that they found him in the 1900 Census and that he was living in Embarrass, Minnesota.

If you can find this, can any data be gleaned from it or later Censuses?

Place of birth?
Wife's name?
Naturalization papers?

I have a feeling that this man might have come from around Larsmo or Korsholm, but I don't have any proof.

His descendants only know that "he came from an island" in Finland.

I'm trying to figure out why this man's descendant and I share X chromosome DNA, and it means that it can only come from my maternal line, and I know all of the possible people that can contribute to this for me, but we're trying to figure out how this other line can come in.

The size of the common DNA is rather large, which indicates that it is not too far back in time to hopefully figure out.

Thanks in advance.

Perhaps June will see a connection if something in the names pops out.

p.s. because of the inheritance patterns of the X chromosome, I am pretty sure that I can rule out any connection to Åland.

Becky Siebold
22-02-10, 04:36
One possible John Holmi:

John Holmi death info:
(last name first name middle date of death cert. # County)

In 1920 U.S. Census, St. Louis County, White Township, sheet no. 8B, lines 64-67:
Holmi John; head; age 47; immig. 1892; Naturalized in 1900; b. Finland; language Finnish
Holmi Lydia M.; wife; age 36(?); immig. 1895; Naturalized 1900; b. Finland
Holmi Esther F.; daughter; age 6; b. Minnesota
Holmi Richard; son; age 3 1/2; b. Minnesota

From Minnesota Birth index;
Holmi, Esther Florence
Date of Birth: 24 Jun 1913
Mother Maiden Name: Lehtonen
certid# 1913-26628
County of Birth: St. Louis

Holmi, Richard Walfred
Date of Birth: 15 Jun 1916
Mother Maiden Name: Lehtonen
certid# 1916-29500
County of Birth: St. Louis

22-02-10, 05:27

Thank you!

That certainly seems like the correct man.

I'll go check what I can in Finland now, and if you happen to see things on the earlier or later censuses, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks again.:)

Karen Norwillo
22-02-10, 15:45
Here's the one in Embarrass in 1910. I also found the same family in the 1905 MN Census, 1920 and 1930 census. He had a huge family. Tracing the MN Birth Records, mother's maiden name Hautala. She used both Hilma M and Mary in later records.
Unfortunately, on his WWI Draft Card, no place of birth given.

22-02-10, 23:22
Thank you Karen!

Can you see if on later Census data there are any other children?

Do you see any of the children that don't seem to show up on the 1920 Census as living as neighbors or anything like that?

Karen Norwillo
23-02-10, 04:21
Here's all the census records I found for this family so far. The one I posted before was from 1910. In 1930, there was John 58, Mary 54, Irene A 16, Aili W 14 and Sulo A 10. I'll look to see if I can find the other children in later years. I did find some of their births in the MN Birth Index. Arne T Holm 22 Nov 1905, Eugene R Holm (Raffael?) 5 Apr 1907, Sylvia Dagmar 5 Mar 1909, Arvo Walfred 9 Apr 1912 and Laila Viola 26 Oct 1910. All say mmn Haultala, all born St Louis county.
If I count correctly, children are Waino W, Toivo, Agnes L, John A, Arne, Raffael (Eugene), Sylvia, Laila, Arvo, Aune, Aili and Sulo. Agnes is the only one who's not there in 1910, but is in 1905. Maybe she died. Aune is probably Irene A.

Karen Norwillo
23-02-10, 05:15
Here's more of the children's births.
Aune Irena Holm 3 Mar 1914
Sulo Astred Holm 17 Oct 1919
Aili Winnifred Holm 8 Jan 1916
I found a death for a Toivo Holm 9 Feb 1923. That could be why I can't find him on the 1930 census. I don't find Waino anywhere, but he could have used his middle name and I don't know what that was.
Strangely, on Sulo's birth on the MN Birth Index, under mmn they have Isojoki. Must be where mother was from? All the others say Hautala. It's hard to trace girls due to marriage and they're too old for the MN Marriage Index which doesn't start until the 50's. I didn't see them in the surrounding census images in 1930.
Did you notice on the one census image a Nikolai Holm age 50 right after John's family. Says US 1900. I found a Nikolai Holma on the migration Institute leaving Hango 4.11.1899 and arrived NY 22.11.1899. He's from Kortesjärvi.

Karen Norwillo
23-02-10, 05:52
I think I found Nikolai and John in Kortesjärvi on the 1891-1902 Rippi.
Father Erkki Matinpk Holma, mother Wilhelmina Kustaantytär?
Matias Nikolai Erkinpk. with Nikolai underlined 13.3.1870
Juha Erkinpk. 10.11.1872. You'll see far right 1894 to Amer.?

26-02-10, 00:36
There seems to be some concern from the original person that wanted this info.

She says her mother is Esther, but that the other things don't make sense from the other census of 1910.

So, she says that there were likely 2 men named Johan Holmi around the same area.

Karen, which "group" did you base your Finland finds on?

I wonder if the info is a bust.

She says that the info Becky provided, above, is accurate.

Karen Norwillo
26-02-10, 04:01
The Finland finds were based on the one in Embarrass.

Karen Norwillo
26-02-10, 04:34
Ilmari. Here's John and Lydia in 1930 and just John in 1900. Says born 1 Aug 1872. He's in Negaunee, Marquette, MI. Lydia Holmi died 17 Aug 1941 in St Louis county, MN. MN Death Index.Richard Walfred Holmi died 6 Jul 1986 in Aurora, St Louis, MN MN Death Index and SSDI.

26-02-10, 05:33
The Finland finds were based on the one in Embarrass.


What can I tell the "requestor"?

She insists that John was born in February.

I think you are correct, by the way. Kortesjärvi makes very good sense if it is a DNA related relative of mine!

If you read through this thread, are there any postings that should be ignored? It's all a little strange now.

Sorry to be a pest.

Karen Norwillo
26-02-10, 16:23
Ignore the 1900 census. Apparently, there are many John Holmi born 1972-1974 in the MN area. The one in Negaunee, MI isn't him. I can't find John and Lydia before 1920, so maybe they emigrated after the 1910 census. I found a birth and married name for Esther. I'll PM you.