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June Pelo
24-02-10, 01:57
LENA WAS in the bathtub when the door bell rrrang.
"Who is it?" she called out.

"Blind man," came the answer from the front door.

Lena got out of the tub, walked straight to the front door without so much as a stitch of clothes, and threw open the door.

There stood a man who asked, "Where do you want me to put these blinds, lady?"
OLE WAS staggering home from the tavern one night, weaving from side to side. The Lutheran minister saw him and, in a good Samaritan impulse, offered to guide Ole to his home. As they approached the house, Ole suggested that the minister go inside for a moment. He explained,

"I want Lena to see who I have been out with."

ONE DAY Lena confided to her friend Hilda how she had finally cured Ole of his nervous habit of biting his finger-nails.

"It was really simple," said Lena. "I just hid his false teeth."

WHEN OLE and Lena got married and went on their honeymoon, Lena was a bit bashful. As they walked up to the hotel, Lena said, "What can we do so they won't know we're newly-weds?"

Answered Ole, "You carry the luggage."

OLE AND Lena were lying in bed one night when the phone rang, Ole answered it and Lena heard him yell,

"Well, how should I know, that's over 2,000 miles away", and then he hung up.

Lena said, "Who was that, Ole?"

Ole answered, "Some oddball who wanted to know if the coast is clear."