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June Pelo
24-02-10, 20:27
I watched an interesting program where they took Tut's DNA and searched for his parents among the mummies stored in various places in Egypt. They were able to complete his family tree based on the DNA samples they took from the mummies. Egypt has an expensive lab set up to test the many mummies they have stored for many years. I learned that a right arm bent across the chest of a mummy indicates royalty.

03-03-10, 03:37
After generations of brother-sister matings, I am surprised that they were still distinct enough to tell apart!

I read somewhere that the Finnish people are the genetically most homozygous in the world, and I see a lot of that in my own DNA reports...

03-03-10, 09:18
^ Yes.

I'm sure June could tell you more than you care to know about how many times you are your own cousin! :D

We are a nice mix though, don't you think? ;)

03-03-10, 23:39
I wouldn't be surprised: my great grandmother's grandparents were third cousins! And from the names I am seeing in the threads, this site is one big family reunion!

June Pelo
04-03-10, 00:39
My mother's father, my father's mother and my father's father are all descended from Anna Eriksdotter Warg, 1706-1744 and Johan Johansson. Anna and Johan had 2 sons and 2 daughters. The 2 sons and 1 daughter married Vessi sisters and a brother, and the remaining daughter married into the Skriko family from which my father's father descended. And to make it more interesting, my father's maternal great grandmother remarried after her husband died to my father's paternal great grandfather.. I sent Kivinen a breakdown of how many times I'm related as a cousin to my parents and how many times they were related to each other. It would take this entire web page to list it all... :)