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26-12-03, 12:38
Biography :
Location : Washington
Interests :
Occupation :
Researching surnames : Backlund, Karv, Nylund, and others
Researching places/parishes : Oravais, Pensala, Munsala

A-M Löfdahl
26-12-03, 22:25
Hi Debbie,
I would be interested to know about your roots in Oravais!
My family also has roots in Munsala and Pensala!
Ann-Marie in Oravais

27-12-03, 01:42
Hi Ann-Marie,

Briefly, here are some of my ancestors:
My gr.grandfather:
Johan Wilhelm Backlund, b. 1854, married to
Kaisa Lovisa Karf or Nylund, b. 1858 in Pensala.

Johan's parents:
Abram Karfprast, b, 1825 in Munsala
Lisa Sophia Johansdotter, b. 1830 in Pensala

Kaisa's parents:
Matts Johansson Karf, b. 1811
Maria Karlsdotter Ohls, b. 1817

I have just sent in my gedcom, so you will be able to see more from that. Most of the ancestors are in these areas, Pensala, Oravais and Munsala.


A-M Löfdahl
05-01-04, 23:22
Hi Debbie,
Since you have recently been in Finland I´m sure that you have been in contact with people in Pensala. I looked in the books about Pensala "Pensala genom tiderna" part 1 and 2 written by Pensala byforskargrupp and I found your ancestors in both of them.
Pensala byforskargrupp is now working on a book about the Karf-family (my husband is also a member of this family).
If Jarl Roos reads this, maybe he could tell all of us here on Finlander more about their project!