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03-03-10, 04:04
I am looking for the ancestors of Samuel Petter Heikkuri who was born Dec 14 1874 in Teuva; I think he was the youngest of 11-13 children. His mother was Albertiina Mikontytar and his father was Josef Josefsson Soderlund. His father was born in Vaasa [town] around 1825 and his mother around 1832, I don't know where. I think they went to the Heikkuri farm in Teuva around 1846? Samuel Petter ["Peter"] migrated to the US in 1892 but "moved to Evijarvi" in 1900. He had an older brother Nestor in Finland, a sister Sophia who moved to the US and married a Jaaskela, and a brother Johan Viktor who moved to the US. Also a sister Klara Sophia, who may have been the same as Sophia? but who is said to have lived to 103 years old. Any assistance appreciated. Thank you!

Tapio Rautio
03-03-10, 09:28
Hi Thomas!

A few links for You to work with. :)

1854 April 17.

Samuel Petter nr.14


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Thank you very much!

Karen Norwillo
04-03-10, 02:56
I saw your family tree on Ancestry. Did you see Sophia Jaaskela and her family in 1900 in Ashtabula? It's spelled incorrectly by the transcriber, but when you look at the images, it's correct. Birth says Feb 1871, which matches Klara Sophia. Husband, 4 children and husband's brother John and an Ida Jaakela,age 13. I don't see them after that. Second page has rest of children.

Karen Norwillo
04-03-10, 02:58
Page 2. Children Selma 7, Walter 4, Mary 2 and Tauno 7/12. Says US 1890 for Sophia and 1888 for A. Jaaskela.

04-03-10, 03:52
Yes, thank you, Karen, I think have that (?). Ancestry also butchered the Heikkuri name. And yes, I believe that Sophie Jaaskela is Klara Sophia. I am in contact with her great-granddaughter, who is a local businesswoman. I do not have a date of death for her.

Can anyone read the last name for Albertiina in the 1854 link provided by Taupio? It is rather faded and the letters are broken....

04-03-10, 23:55
Only a guess on my part:


Tapio Rautio
05-03-10, 08:08

To find the farm and house of Joseph and Albertina, at the time they got married, takes a lot of reading.

I tried, but didn´t see them in Heikkuri or Sillanpää.

There are 392 pictures from Teuva 1849-1856. If one starts from picture
nr.1 the answer could of course come in beginning. :)

I suspect that Joseph could be from this family, not so sure, but maybe?




Hiski has this in Kauhajoki:

Kauhajoki - kastetut
Syntynyt Kylä Talo Isä Äiti Lapsi

9.10.1828 Tp. Michel Michelss: Kalkunmäki Lena Jacobsd:r 36 Albertina

But again, at FFHA the Kauhajoki books are without index, it will take a lot
of time to follow up what happened this Albertina.....

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Tapio Rautio
05-03-10, 08:22
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