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07-03-10, 01:27
I'm a new member. I know so little about my mother's side of my family. Her maiden name was Jarvela. My grandfather's name was August Jarvela and my grandmother's name was Fannie Koistanen Jarvela. They were from the Upper Penninsula of Michigan; Palmer, Michigan to be exact. They all spoke Finnish, or as they liked to call it Finglish, ha ha! Sure would like to connect with someone who knew the family. Thanks! :)

June Pelo
07-03-10, 01:57
Lillian, Welcome to Finlander Forum. There are a lot of helpful members and maybe someone could help you. Could you give the full names and birthdates of the people you're looking for. Every bit of information can help. :)

07-03-10, 16:02
My mother, Mavis Jarvela Nault, was one of two girls that August and Fannie Koistanen (or Koistenen) Jarvela had. I don't know the birth date of my grandmother, I believe I may had my grandfather's somewhere if I search for it. My mother was the youngest. She was born on Dec. 25, 1922. I know that my grandfather fought in WWI. I believe he immigrated from Finland as a child. I am not sure about my grandmother.

Karen Norwillo
07-03-10, 19:04
Here's your families. August William Jarvela was born 14 May 1893 according to his WWI Draft Reg. Card. His father was Albin E Jarvela and mother Kaisa (Katie, Catherine) Erkilla per August and Fannie's marriage license. They were issued a license 23 Sep 1920 and were married 2 Oct 1920 in Palmer. Groom 25, bride 20. There are some errors on his paperwork. Says he was born in MI. He was born Finland. Brides parents were Charles Kaistenen and Santra Lieto.
I found two more births for Jarvela family Elma born abt 1901 and Mamie 11 Dec 1902 in Ishpeming. That's where I found Kaisa's surname. By 1910, Fannie's mother was a widow with 7 children, all born MI. Her husband must have died between 1906-1910. Matt W 17, Charles A 15, Hilda L 12, Fannie D 10, ?Halona 7, Hilma 5 and Emil 3. Images attached.

Karen Norwillo
07-03-10, 19:06
Here's the Kaistenen family in 1910. Also found as Koistenen.

08-03-10, 00:22
Thank you so much for finding this information for me. Charles, my grandmother's brother must have been the one we called Uncle Epoo. I didn't know until I was an adult that in Finnish Epoo (?) is a term for uncle. I thought that was his name. Do most Finnish people who immigrate form Finland come by way of Ellis Island or is there another port, perhaps through Canada? I have looked on the Ellis Island site and have not found my grandfather.
I didn't know my grandmother came from such a large family. I believe Charles was also in WWI.
Again thank you for taking the time and making the effort, I greatly appreciate it!

Karen Norwillo
08-03-10, 16:50
Correction to spelling of Caisa, should be Erkkila. Alot of the Finlanders who settled in MI, MN, WA, OR etc came into the US through Canada. There are records, but you almost have to know exactly when they came or you'll find yourself wading through tons of ship's manifests. If you can narrow it down to month and year, it's easier. I couldn't find any of them on Migration Institute in Finland. They should be there unless they left through Sweden or Denmark.
I saw your new post in another forum. May I suggest keeping it here in one place to avoid duplication of searching and to show what has already been found. Makes it much easier for others.
I found Emil Koistinen born 8 Mar 1907 and died 11 Jul 1977 in Richmond, Marquette, MI. Looking in the white pages for Koistinen, there are 13 listings for that name in MI (New Haven, Ontonagen, Sault Ste Marie, Warren, Marquette, Mio, Grand Blanc and Ironwood) and for Jarvela, there are 3, 2 in Marquette and 1 in Gladstone.


08-03-10, 18:04
Thank you Karen, I will take your advice and keep my postings here. I didn't know that was the best way. I met only a small number of my mother's relatives and that was when I was very young. A few came to her funeral and said I looked like her, but again that was when I was in my very early twenties. Thank you again for all of your work, I greatly appreciate it! :)

Karen Norwillo
08-03-10, 18:27
You can post any new inquiries under any catagory that's appropriate, but I just suggested you keep the other one here as it pertains to the same families. You don't need to put all postings here. Just to clarify.

Jaska Sarell
08-03-10, 20:13
The original spelling of the surnames here were Koistinen, Järvelä and Erkkilä.
Koistinen is an old surname used in eastern Finland, originating in Savo province. Järvelä and Erkkilä can be from anywhere, and can be based on a common farm name (Järvelä comes from word järvi meaning lake, Erkkilä is based on male first name Erkki).

Mother's brother is called eno in Finnish, while father's brother or uncle in general is setä, aunt is always täti.

:) Jaska

08-03-10, 21:54
Thank you Jaska. My mother and her family all spoke Finnish. I wish I had learned it, but since it is not a Latin based language, I found it difficult to pick up. From what I know the Finnish spoken in the area that my mother's family is from in Michigan has many English words incorporated into it. :)