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Paul Dahlin
07-03-10, 12:58
I am trying to find any information pertaining to my great grandfather, Mauritz Gerhard Eklund. I believe he may have lived in Hangö. His daughter was Signe Emilia Eklund born April 4, 1896 in Hangö and died June 6, 1965 in Pojo.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!


08-03-10, 14:18
Gun-Lis Lindroos in Ekenäs had no access to this forum so she can answer your question but she has the parents to your great grandfather, Mauritz Gerhard Eklund and at least 7 generations back. She would like to have your e-mail adress , so she can send you the info.
The family of Mauritz Gerhard is:
Gustaf Mauritz Gustafsson Eklund, b. 25.10.1846 Tenala, Olsböle Westerhaga.
Wife: Married 7.8.1870 in Tenala to Elivina Charlotta Lovisasdotter Romberg, Eklund, b. 9.12.1844 Tenala, Kotkaranta. Parents: far NN och Lovisa Barck, Ekbom, Soldathustru, b. 27.3.1803 Tenala.
Mauritz Gerhard b. 25.9.1870 Tenala, Härjentaka.
Elin Charlotta b. 23.10.1873 Tenala, Kesuböle, d. 26.1.1874 Tenala, Kesuböle.
Elin Emilia b. 17.7.1875 Tenala, Trollshofda, d. 29.12.1876 Tenala, Trollshofda.
Hilma Alexandra b. 4.1.1878 Tenala, Trollshofda.
Lydja Wilhelmina b 22.5.1882 Tenala, Trollshofda.
Amnda Josefina b. 17.9.1887 Tenala, Trollshofda.
Elin Charlotta b. 5.3.1890 Tenala, Trollshofda, d. 29.12.1901 Tenala, Trollshofda.

Christina Nordback

Paul Dahlin
09-03-10, 20:34
Hello Christina.... what a wonderful post!! I have been able to go back quite a number of generations on my father's side of the family but I know almost nothing about my mother's ancestors. Unfortunately both my parents are deceased and I had little interest in the family history until after their deaths.

Please tell Gun-Lis Lindroos that she can email me at the following address:


Thank you for your assistance!!