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08-03-10, 00:36
I am new here but I have already gotten a great deal of information. My grandfather was August Jarvela, his parents were Albin and Kasie/Katie (Erkila) Jarvela and my grandmother was Fannie Koistenen/Kaistenen Jarvela. Both of the grandparents spent most of their younger life in Palmer, Michigan. They had two children, Dorothy and my mother Mavis. I remember meeting family in Palmer and seeing them again when my mother passed away. I also remember an Uncle Epoo, who was an artist in the area. I would love to get in contact with my mother's side of the family. Both she and my Auntie Dorothy are gone, so this seems like an excellent place to try to find my long lost relatives. I am anxious to get to get to know you!:)

08-03-10, 00:39
Charles Kaistenen/Koistenen and Santra Lieto were the names of my grandmother's parents.:)

12-03-10, 22:03
1910 census marquette county mich, over a 100 years ago but names if they are yours...no wife and husband first name is difficult to read...lots of kids but maybe too many? I shall check further. OK, after reading your post, this family has too many kids so onto the next page :) OK, the 1910 census was all I could locate with this guys surname.
OK, Mavis - we have no married name and don't know her age, etc...but, was she born in south dakota in 1925? I cannot go further without names and dates...:) btw, this Mavis also has a sister Dorothy, middle initial A. and more kids :)))

13-03-10, 01:08
Thank you for looking. Here's what I have found out about my grandparent's families. August William Jarvela was born 14 May 1893 according to his WWI Draft Reg. Card. His father was Albin E Jarvela and mother Kaisa (Katie, Catherine) Erkilla per August and Fannie's marriage license. They were issued a license 23 Sep 1920 and were married 2 Oct 1920 in Palmer. Groom 25, bride 20. There are some errors on his paperwork. Says he was born in MI. He was born Finland. Brides parents were Charles Kaistenen and Santra Lieto.
I found two more births for Jarvela family Elma born abt 1901 and Mamie 11 Dec 1902 in Ishpeming. That's where I found Kaisa's surname. By 1910, Fannie's mother was a widow with 7 children, all born MI. Her husband must have died between 1906-1910. Matt W 17, Charles A 15, Hilda L 12, Fannie D 10, ?Halona 7, Hilma 5 and Emil 3. Images attached.
What I'm looking for by posting here is to find relatives and or friends of my relatives that are still alive and that I can contact. I'm hoping for some of them to hear I'm looking and they will get in contact with me. I don't know any married names accept that I know I am in some way related to a bud and Irma Sharp from Palmer, Michigan.
Again thank you for looking!:)