View Full Version : Iron Belt, WI

June Pelo
11-03-10, 01:02
I have a request for help concerning records from the Finnish Lutheran Church in Iron Belt, WI which no longer exists. Someone is looking for the records of his family - birth, marriage, confirmation, etc. in the church. Their home was destroyed by fire, and all their copies of everything burned. Is there some place where the church records are stored? Also his father's military records burned, and he hasn't been able to get copies from St. Louis because they said their records burned. Does anyone have any suggestions what he can do about these records?

Karen Norwillo
11-03-10, 16:26
I posted a query on the Iron Belt site on Ancestry. Hopefully someone knows who holds the records.

June Pelo
11-03-10, 18:41
Thanks, Karen. I tried google, but didn't find anything.

K-G Molander
14-03-10, 20:39

These are the reason I make copies of important files and keep them somewhere, but my home.