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12-03-10, 01:29
I am looking for ancestry of Mary Erickson born 1889-1893, probably from Jakobstad. She spoke Swedish and moved to America about 1908, moving to Alaska and Washington.

June Pelo
12-03-10, 02:25
There were 29 babies named Maria, b. 1889-1893 in Jakobstad - but none had a father named Erik - assuming that Erickson was her patronymic. There were 5 babies named Maria born between 1889-1893 in Pedersöre with farm names of Åman, Skepparnabba, Löf, Torp and Gunn. Can you be more specific - such as a birthdate and whether she lived on a farm, etc. Did she have any siblings? It would be difficult to find her without more info.

12-03-10, 07:38
Also, with the range in births, was she single when she came?

12-03-10, 23:46
Mary was single when she came over, around 1908. She was single when listed in the 1910 census as a domestic servant, and was married by the next census in 1920.

14-03-10, 04:11
Mary Erickson was born in 1892. Her granddaughter is checking on the exact birthdate.

14-03-10, 05:22
Now there are several potential "matches".

Do keep us informed on the birth info or if any other names like farm names pop up in your conversation.

18-03-10, 23:22
Mary Erickson's date of birth was July 29, 1892 according to her death certificate, which does not list her parents names or place of birth (other than Finland).

Karen Norwillo
19-03-10, 01:01
What was Mary's married name. If she died in WA, she may be on the Death Certificates of Finns in WA. When did she die?

June Pelo
19-03-10, 01:13
There was no Maria born in Jakobstad on 29 Jul 1892. The closest would be
on 28 July 1892 on Forsby farm - Hilma Maria to Matts Leander Nylund who married 21 Dec 1879 to seaman's daughter Maria Sofia Lundberg. They had 12 children. I checked Pedersöre and there were no births on 29 Jul 1892, but there was a Maria born 19 Jul 1892 to Anders Jakob Gustafsson Grägg and Lena Lovisa Andersdotter. They had a daughter Sigrid b. 1898.

We know from experience that birthdates can vary a day or two. And Erickson could have been a name she chose at emigration, rather than a patronymic.