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Diane Yanosik
15-03-10, 23:09
I'm hoping someone can help me. I received today from Vasa landsarkiv information on my farmor's mor, Edla Elisabet Berg, born in Vasa. I was given her parents names and birthdates/places. On the HisKi site, I found her father and his family. Unfortunately, I was not given the last name or even patronymic name for her mother, so I am at a stand-still there. There are very few records for this area online, and I did not find any document scans.
On Edla's father, Johan Eric Jonasson Berg, I find his birth, and his parents in the Village of Sundom in Korsholm. I also see the birth of an older brother, Simon Eric, 2 years before Johan Eric. I do have a question, about their mother, Lisa Danielsdotter. In the same village, I see earlier births with the mother listed as Lisa Danielsdotter, with a different father. The age for Lisa given at the births matches the age of my Lisa. The last birth with a different father before Simon Eric was born, she is listed as Däj. Lisa Danielsdotter, with no father listed. I understand the Däj means a woman giving birth out of wedlock. What do you think are the chances that these two Lisa Danielsdotter's are the same person?
Another question, on my search for Lisa Danielsdotter in Korsholm, a Lisa Danielsdotter comes up in Vasa. I'm sure this is a different woman, but I have a question about the entry. There is no father listed, and mother is listed as dejan Lisa Daniesdotter: Ström 37. Is dejan the same as Däj? and what does the Ström 37 refer to? I'm trying to better understand the entries.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Diane Y.

16-03-10, 14:33
To make things more complicated:

This could be the second marriage of Lisa:
16.9.1814 Sundom (widower) enkl: Jonas Stegar ea: Lisa Berg (widow)

Lisa was called Berg, because she lived at Berg farm as a widow and when Jonas moved there he became Berg, too. But just a theory. "Surnames" in Ostrobotnia were just farmnames. Even a farmhand could have been called Berg.

But we need communionbooks to be sure.


Karen Norwillo
16-03-10, 15:08
The Swedish Genealogical Dictionary (Pladsen, Huber and Pladsen) that I have lists deja as a dairymaid, housekeeper, mistress.

16-03-10, 19:06
Could you provide the birth dates and places you were given from Vasa landsarkiv for Lisa Danielsdotter and Johan Eric Jonasson Berg. I have many Berg families in my database and I have access to some Korsholm communionbooks.

In researching my relatives I have been told that Deja = Woman who has given birth to an illegitimate child and the children would be listed as oä meaning illegitimate child. If Lisa or Jonas had remarried they should be listed as either E., Enkl., Enka, Enkling or änkling which can all be used to refer to a widowed person.

16-03-10, 19:09
I forgot to attach this website which has great resources for doing Swedish Genealogy. Look through the listings and you will find dictionaries and encyclopedias which can help with word definations.


Diane Yanosik
17-03-10, 00:20
Thanks everyone for your explanations. Here is the information that I have, and where I got it from:
I have a Baptism Certificate that was my Grandmothers, so I was able to know her Church Parish. I was given her parents names by the Church secretary in the Vasa Parish. Her mother, my farmor's mor was given to me as Edla Elisabet Berg, b. 29 Mar 1859 in Vasa. I was instructed to email Vasa landsarkiv for additional information on her. I received this information 2 days ago from them:
According to the main books of Vasa Parish, her father Johan Eric Jonasson was born 1 April 1817 in Mustasaari (Korsholm in Swedish) and her mother Anna Maria 12 November 1819 in Koivulahti (Kvevlax in Swedish).

Source: Vasa församlings arkiv, I Aa:30 1857-1863, page 218

I found Jonas Eric on HisKi, under Christened (Korsholm) with the exact birthdate - Parents Jonas Gabrielsson Berg and Lisa Danielsdotter age 47.
It is here that I have the questions. Unfortunately, I don't think there are scans of the records online, at least I haven't been able to find them, I just searched the records.
Interestingly, the earlier listing for Lisa Danielsdotter, the one that had Däj before her name, is listed as E: Däj. Lisa Daniels:dr 39. There is no notation on the child's name, but there is no father listed. The next listing for an Lisa Danielsdotter is for Johan Eric's older brother, with Jonas Berg as father.
I have found Johan Eric and Anna Maria in Vasa, with the births of 5 of Edla Elisabet's siblings, beginning in 1844. I did not find record of Edla Elisabet, as their records end before her birth.
Any help anyone can provide, information or a direction I might go in, would be greatly appreciated. I think my next step will be to the LDS Family History Center.

Thanks again,

Diane Yanosik
17-03-10, 16:15
In my update, I stated I had found Jonas Eric's birth on HisKi - should have been Johan Eric's birth in Korsholm.

19-03-10, 00:14
Johan Eric Jonasson Berg born 1 April 1817 at Berg farm #19 in Sundom, Korsholm, Finland. Christened 4 April 1817. Source Hiski and Birth record at Family History Library (FHL) film #0067313.
Parents Jonas (Gabrielsson) Berg and Lisa Danielsdotter married 16 Sept 1814 at Sundom. Both listed as Enklingen (widow). Source Hiski and Marriage record at FHL film 0067315.

Jonas Gabrielsson Stegar- Glader- Berg b. 20 July 1771 in Helsingby, Korsholm, Finland.
Parents Gabriel Andersson and Anna Johansdotter. Source Birth record at FHL film #0067312.
Lisa Danielsdotter b. 26 April 1771 in Malax, Finland. Source Sundom Communion record 1802-1808 p.234 FHL film #0067297.
Children born to Jonas and Lisa. Source Sundom Communion record 1814-1820 FHL film #0067298 p.478.
1. Simon Eric Jonasson . 28 June 1815 at Berg farm #19 in Sundom, Korsholm, Finland.. (Hiski)
2. Johan Eric Jonasson Berg b. 1 April 1817 at Berg farm #19 in Sundom, Korsholm, Finland. (Hiski)

Jonas Gabrielsson Glader b. 20 July 1771 married 4 Nov 1791(Hiski) to (1)Caisa Ericsdotter Rönholm b. 20 Oct 1770.
Children of Jonas and Caisa. Source Sundom Communion records FHL film #0067298 Helsingby, Korsholm Communion records p. 56.
1. Anna Maria Jonasdotter b. 5 Nov 1792. (Hiski)
2. Brita Catharina “Caisa” Jonasdotter b. 15 Dec 1793.
3. Johannes “Johan” Jonasson b. 24 Jan 1798.
4. Ulrica Jonasdotter b. 27 July 1807 at Glader #14 Helsingby, Korsholm, Finland.
5. Gabriel Eric Jonasson 12 Dec. 1805 at Glader #14 Helsingby, Korsholm, Finland.

Lisa Danielsdotter b.26 April 1771 at Malax married 7 Dec.1792 (1)Israel Andersson Berg b. 20 Nov 1769. Israel died 25 Nov 1808.
Children of Lisa Danielsdotter and Israel Andersson
1. Brita Israelsdotter b.31 Aug 1793 at Sundom.
2. Maria Elisabet Israelsdotter b. 13 Nov 1794 at Sundom.
3. Anders Israelsson b. 5 May 1796 at Sundom.
4. Brita Lisa Israelsdotter b. 21 July 1797 at Sundom.
5. Anna Maria Israelsdotter b. 20 Sept 1798 at Sundom.
6. Matts Israelsson b. 24 Jan 1800 at Sundom. Died.
7. Johannes “Johan” Israelsson b. 21 Aug 1801 at Sundom.
8. Anna Christina Israelsdotter b. 21 Jan 1804 at Berg #19 Sundom. Died
9. Jonas Israelsson b. 21 May 1806 at at Berg #19 Sundom. Died 1 Jan 1808.
10. Anna Maria Israelsdotter b. 8 Aug 1807 at at Berg #19 Sundom. Died 11 Jan 1808.
11. Mathias Israelsson b. 24 Nov 1808 at Berg #19 Sundom. Died 26 Aug 1809.

12. Anna Stina Lisasdotter b. 12 Nov 1810 at Berg #19 Sundom. Illegitimate child as Israel died 1808.
Source Hiski and FHL film #0067297 and #0067298.

I looked for Lisa Danielsdotter b. 26 April 1771 in Malax and found no birth. I believe she may have been born 26 May (not April) 1771 to Daniel Wjas and Brita Jacobi but this will take more research.

Hope this helps.

Diane Yanosik
19-03-10, 00:33
Oh Beverly! Thank you so much! So my supposition was correct, that Lisa had been married before. It was her marriage to Israel Andersson and the births of their children that I saw on the HisKi site. I did not see Jonas listed elsewhere, so it was a surprise that he too was married previously. I was confused that her first husband was a Berg too, but an earlier post on this thread explained that it was the farm name.
When I've got more time I must learn how to order films from the Family History Library. It seems they have a treasure trove of information.
Thank you again for your time.

19-03-10, 05:59
Finnish farm names can be complicated to understand until you get the hang of it. Lisa's first husband Israelsson Andersson Berg was the oldest son of the 11 children born to Anders Israelsson and Brita Andersdotter Berg therefore he would have inherited the Berg farm #19 at Sundom upon his parents death. The father Anders died 11 March 1808 prior to his son Israel on 25 Nov 1808 so I imagine the farm ownership passed to Israel and Lisa Danielsdotter. Probate records are available at the FHL so you can look up the ownership of the farm if it is of interest to you. Lisa Danielsdotter Berg's second husband Jonas Gabrielsson Stegar moved to the Berg farm and it was the tradition in Finland to take the name of the farm where you lived. So Jonas Steger became Jonas Berg when he moved to the Berg farm. I'm not sure what you know about the FHL microfilms/microfiche but they are available through the Family History Library at most Morman churches around the country. You can locate one near you in the telephone directory or online.

Diane Yanosik
19-03-10, 15:09
I am curious about what was going on in 1808 on the Berg Farm. I count 4 deaths happening that year, including two children ages 2 & 3 only 10 days apart. I am supposing that there was an outbreak of perhaps measles or something else? Are there death records available to perhaps tell what was going on? I feel for Lisa Danielsdotter, losing 2 children, her father-in-law and her husband all in the same year.
According to the LDS website, there is a family center about 30 minutes from my house. I will have to call to find out the procedure to order films. I had read somewhere that once you order them, the copy is kept at that Family Center? That would be a help, as I will be busy with family things (first grandchild arriving!) shortly. If not, then I will just make a list of names and information I'm looking for, and order them when life quiets down a bit.

19-03-10, 18:16
The church death records in Finland sometimes recorded a brief description of the cause of death. This varied from parish to parish depending on the priest. Sometimes you only get the name, relationship to head of house and date of death. The cause of death descriptions, when included, are mostly just one word like fever, old age, etc. I am not aware of any “death records” as we know them today. I will take a look at the 1808 deaths next week and let you know what I find.

1808 was a pivotal year in Finish history as on 21 Feb 1808 Russian troops moved into Finland and took control from Sweden so many records from this period were destroyed. I'm not a historian but you can do a google search to read about the war years. Infant mortality was high in this era and it was not uncommon to have multiple children die in infancy. It was tragic and does seem a bit incomprehensible by today’s standards.

As to the FHL films they cost *$5.50 per 3-5 week rental. You can keep them indefinitely, at the library, for a three time rental which is $16.50 per film. Over the years I have accumulated many of the Korsholm and Malax films at the local FHL. I did make copies of some of the documents I mentioned in my previous post and would be happy to mail them to you so you can see what they look like. You can send your address to me in a private email if you wish.

Congratulations on your upcoming grandchild. They are a delight and yes you will be very busy in the upcoming weeks.

21-03-10, 15:22
The brother of Johan Erik Berg = Simon Erik Berg, born 28 Aug.1815, died already 14 June 1816.
Unfortunately I have no information about Johan Erik Jonasson Berg, born 1 April 1817, after he left Sundom in the early 1840's - there is just a statement "lysning 1842" (for marriage) to Vasa.
For the other children of Lisa Danielsdotter Wias-Berg there are lots of descendants. Many of them have emigrated, some to Sweden but most of them to the USA.
A couple of years ago there was a discussion at the Finlander Forum about Ida Östman and her husband John Wickström. Ida's "morfar" Anders Israelsson Berg and your Johan Erik Berg were brothers (½-brothers). And there are many other family members who left Sundom some hundred years ago.

I can give you more detailed information about the families of the children born to Lisa Danielsdotter Wias in her first marriage and also her daughter Anna Stina Lisasdotter, if these "half-relatives" are of interest, too.
Ulla in Sundom

Diane Yanosik
23-03-10, 00:06
Thank you Ulla, for the infomation you have sent. Johan Eric (Jonasson) Berg does indeed turn up in Vasa, he was my far mor's mor's far. He married Anna Maria ???, and their first child was born in 1844. I am awaiting additional information from the Parish offices in Vasa, I'm hoping for a marriage date and Anna Maria's family name.
I would be delighted to receive any additional information you have on Johan Eric's 1/2 siblings. I find it very interesting that there are many descendants that now reside here in the US.
I will search out the thread about Ida Östman for information there. I do have a question for you, maybe you have an answer...maybe not. Is there anyway to know who Anna Stina Lisadotter's father was? I do not have access to records other than HisKi, so I've no way to check what year Jonas Gabrielsson (Johan Erik's far) came to Berg Farm. I know from names he was at 2 other farms before Berg farm. It occurred to me perhaps he was her father, as I've found that marriages sometimes take place after a birth, or even after a second child is born.
Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my inquiry. I look forward to whatever information you can send.