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16-03-10, 03:41
I was hoping to find some information about Herman Skutnabb (Anders Herman Andersson) who was married to my great-grandfather's half-sister Johanna Henrika Andersdotter. All I have is that Johanna was born 3 August 1865 in Pedersöre and married Skutnabb 9 Feb 1890. I know from a letter that Skutnabb was living as of Jan 1907. I was hoping to find any information if they had any children. Thank you in advance !


June Pelo
16-03-10, 17:02
There is one possibility in Pedersöre birth records:
9 Jan 1905 at Skutvik farm, Westersund village, Karl Viktor born to Anders Andersson and Johanna Andersdotter, age 38. The age of the mother would correspond to Johanna's birthyear of 1865 because age 38 is an estimate. Pedersöre deaths end at 1912 so there's no indication when they died. And I didn't see any other births for them.

06-06-10, 19:41
Anders Herman died 22 Sep 1946 in Pedersöre and Johanna Henrika died 31 Jul 1941. I have marked them as childless. Unfortunately at the time I did not write down my source.

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13-06-10, 22:22
Tapani - Thank you !