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18-03-10, 23:57
Could someone check this for me at ancestry.com, please?

Person: Elma Piri (maiden name) was born on May 14 1914.

In 1920 Census
Name: Elma Curry (Elma Perry)
Birth: Abt 1915
Residence 1920: Lewis, WA



Karen Norwillo
19-03-10, 01:17
The Elma Curry on the 1920 census had parents born WV and KY. I did find an Elma Annonen with same DOB 14 May 1914 who died 18 May 2007 in Centralia, Lewis, WA. This might be Elma Piri. I have not found the Piri family in WA, yet.

19-03-10, 01:24
Yes, Elma married an Annonen. I found an obit in which it says that her maiden name was Piri.

Karen Norwillo
19-03-10, 01:54
Here's the images you PM me for. John Annonen Naturalization, WWI Draft Card, 1920 and 1930 census. John H Annonen died 22 May 1952 Lewis, WA WA Death Index. Hilda Annonen 18 Jun 1885-24 Mar 1967 Winlock, Lewis, WA. WA Death Index. I couldn't find Maria Annonen except on Immigrant Institute, emigrated 21.10.1903 to Amerikka, but not on the Passenger Lists. I'll keep looking. Notice on the botom of the one census there is a Ruokoja. Also, his first papers were filed in NJ, see document on left of Naturalization.

19-03-10, 02:02
Karen, thank you so much!

I found Antte (Antti) Annonen at EllisIsland, he was John Annonen's brother. He immigrated in 1907, destination: brother John Annonen, New Jersey City.

He is at ancestry.com "Anders Jaakko" and later "Andrew Jaakko".

I have asked about Ludvig Ruokoja earlier on the forum and got answers.


Karen Norwillo
19-03-10, 02:22
I found Isak Piri arriving 2 Feb 1905. Went to Calumet, MI first. Found him WA Death Index, Isaac Piri 22 Jan 1886-Oct 1971 Toledo, Lewis, WA. I saw the obit for Elma Annonen, married to Walter Annonen on Ancestry. Looks like the Annonens went to NJ first. Maybe a place to look for Maria.
Hilda Maria Granlund Annonen arrived US 23 Apr 1905 from Liminka, Finland, going to Mountclair, NJ. In 1910, Annonens were in Carbonado, Pierce, WA. Married 3 yrs. Misspelled Armen.
Verepo Walter Annonen 21 Dec 1909, Pierce, WA parents match, WA Birth Index
Edith Sylvia Annonen 29 Oct 1911, Pierce, WA parents match, WA Birth Index

19-03-10, 02:54
I found Maria at Ellisisland. Her first names were Maria Katarina, and in the ship manifest she is Katri Annanen, arriving 1902. Her destination was New York, brother John Annonen.

The fourth sibling, Fanny Sofia Annonen, went probably to Sweden. I'm sure I saw Annonen F. / destination Sweden at the Institute of Migration database but now I cannot find that. Weird.

01-06-10, 03:45
Here seems to be Walter Annonen in a photo, front row, third from the left:

01-06-10, 03:46
Here seems to be Walter Annonen in a photo, front row, third from the left:

I have to resize the image.