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Karen Norwillo
21-03-10, 00:20
Can someone tell me if the Margareta Maunu in this marriage to Lars Larsson is the same Margareta born 12 Mar 1784 in Koroiskylä, Kemin Mlk? All her info on the Rippi in Kemijärvi just have 1784 as birth. She was not born in Kemijärvi, only 1 Margareta found 1784 and it's not her. I am trying to "flesh out" my ancestry. Those FFHA images have been a great help.

21-03-10, 23:15
This Margareta has moved somewhere 1809


unfortunately I cannot distinguish the place name. However in "moved out" list (utflyttade) from Kemi there is Margareta Maunu? b. 1784, moved to Kemiträsk. I wonder if that means Kemijärvi (träsk = a small lake).


So it seems as at least she could well be the same.

Jaska Sarell
21-03-10, 23:31
HisKi additional info about Kemijärvi parish (in Finnish (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/seurakunnat/srk?CMD=SRK&ID=188&TYPE=HTML&LANG=FI) or in English (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/seurakunnat/srk?CMD=SRK&ID=188&TYPE=HTML&LANG=EN)) tells about its old name of Kemiträsk.

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
22-03-10, 00:31
Thanks both of you. I will assume this is the same Margareta. She and Lars Kallungi-Niemela are my third great-grandparents.They married after his first wife Sara Sigfridsdotter died in 1807 shortly after childbirth.

Karen Norwillo
29-03-10, 16:26
In doing further search backwards about the Maunu family, I found Carl Maunu, Margareta's father, came from a family of at least 11 children which included 3 sets of twins. 6 of the children died in infancy, including 2 of the sets of twins. I've found several twin births in my family, but never 3 sets. These births were to Anders Maunu and his wife Margeta Pörhö in Kemin Mlk.

June Pelo
29-03-10, 20:06
While checking back in old records dating back into the 1700s, I found two brothers with large families. Henrik had 14 children born between 1751 and 1795 - only 4 survived. His brother Abraham had 16 children born between 1760-1779 and only 4 survived. I think I have another family that had 16 children with one survivor. Infant mortality was high in those days. Someone told me that farm women thought it most unfortunate if they gave birth in the summer because it interfered with their work in the fields. Giving birth in the winter was considerd a bonus.