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23-03-10, 21:17
I don't know how to spell this name, but when my Aunt says it sounds like Two-a-man.:confused: She thinks some of my Kivisto relatives married into this family when they lived in Winton, MN. As of yet I can't find the right spelling of this name and was wondering if anyone on here might know the right spelling so I can search from there.
Thank you for the help,

June Pelo
23-03-10, 22:46
Could it be Tuominen or Tuominiemi? A lot of Tuominiemi were found in Halso.

23-03-10, 23:48
Could be. Now that I have a spelling I will see what I can come up with.
Thank you,

24-03-10, 07:22
Possibly also Tuonen or even Tuomanen or Tuomainen or Tuomonen.

25-03-10, 16:49
Thank you both for the help with the name. I was able to find the spelling I needed. It is Tuominen. Then some changed it to Tuomi.
Thank you again.

25-03-10, 23:56
Hi Goldie:) I have Tuominen/Tuomi family that settled in Chisholm, Minnesota. Are any of yours from there?

D J Granlund
26-03-10, 13:34
There are also many people with the nameTuomi from Wright, Carlton, Minnesota. David

26-03-10, 19:09
I am still looking into that connection of the Tuominen name. I do know that it is a sister of my great grandmother Emelia (Ylinen) who married Aaron Kivisto. They all lived in the Winton, Ely, MN area. What also is not helping is some of Emelia's siblings used different last names. I found out last night from an Aunt that she remembers the names Carl and Neil Tuominen. My dad remembers being at the Tuominen house when he was 8 and that it was around Embarrass, MN. I hope to be able to look into these names today.

Karen Norwillo
26-03-10, 21:10
I found Aaron and Emelia Kivisto in 1920 and 1930, but they lived in Oulu, Bayfield, WI. Aaron was born 27 Mar 1884 and died 2 Apr 1965 in Ashland county, WI. Emelia died 12 Sep 1962 in Ashland, WI. Not sure if these are the ones, but no other showed up. Maybe some names will be familiar. There is a Frank and Olga Tuominen in St Louis County, MN that has a son Neil born abt 1905. There is also a Charles Tuominen in Chisholm, ST Louis, MN born 1877 lives on 212 Maple St in 1917. Strangely, his wife is also named Olga.

26-03-10, 22:34
Thank you Karen. Yes you have the right Kivisto family. They lived for a time in Winton then moved to Oulu, WI. In fact the house Aaron built is still standing and being lived in. I know they are buried in Iron River, WI, but didn't know they both died in Ashland, WI. Thanks for the lead on the Tuominen families.

Karen Norwillo
27-03-10, 15:14
I found Emilia Ylinen's arrival in US in Aug 1903 on the "Ivernia." She was headed for her brother Neel Ylinen in Tower, St Louis, MN. Emigrant Institute has Emilia Katarina Ylinen 1883 Siikainen TUR getting passport 11.08.1903. There were also several Karl and Kalle Tuominen from TUR parish who emigrated 1900-1909.

Karen Norwillo
30-03-10, 15:59
Here's the ship manifest you asked for. The reason you didn't find it on Ellis Island is she came through Boston. Arrived 1903 from Liverpool. Left Finland 19.08.1903.
I'll keep looking for that marriage record.

Karen Norwillo
30-03-10, 16:24
On the MN Birth Index, I found the birth of Selma Marie Kivisto 15 Aug 1905 in St Louis county, MN. Mother's maiden name Ylinen. There is also an unnamed Babe Kivisto born 9 Jul 1907 in Lake county, MN. mmmYlinen
So I would assume they were married in MN abt late 1903-1904. You can get copies of marriage records from the state of MN by writing to St Louis Court Recorder PO Box 157 Duluth, MN 55801-0157, last cost posted $9.00.
On the 1905 MN State Census, Emilia is listed with Arthur Kivisto. Maybe his full name was Arthur Aaron and he later went by just Aaron??

31-03-10, 17:11
Thank you Karen so much for all the research you are doing on this. Hmm interesting on the unnamed baby. That is when Katie was born, but the family always thought she was born in Winton, MN, St Louis county. I will see what St Louis county says concerning the marriage record for Aaron and Emilia.