View Full Version : Reading hand-written church records

26-03-10, 19:55
As I'm searching the records from Kauhajoki (Looking for Urho Ukrikaanpoika b. July 1884) I sometimes see just the names crossed with no obvious reason.
Does that mean the land just laid fallow?

26-03-10, 20:58
If you are talking about church records (and not tax records), they have nothing to do with the land. But many priests had this - retrospectively very unkind - habit of crossing over the name of a person who was removed from the page. They should have written down the reason for the removal, like married to page 172, or got passport to America, or died 22.1.1826, but as often as not they didn't. If there is a cross, it might mean that the person died. In any case these overcrossings with no explanation mean that the search starts again.

26-03-10, 23:10
Yes, it's the church records I was looking at.
Thanks for the very clear description!