View Full Version : Surname and Farm Name meanings

Jeanette Baker
27-03-10, 18:18
I am curious if the names Hölsö and Haanpää which were both farm names that became surnames have any original meanings? Hölsö from Kaukola,Ylistaro, Finland and Haanpää from Seinäjoki and before that Kortesoja, Lapua

Jaska Sarell
27-03-10, 21:23
Hölsö name is probably traveled to Ylistaro from Swedish speaking area nearby. Cannot give any explanation, but Swedish word ö at the end means island - possibly no relevance in the explanation though.
Haanpää could be partitioned to genitive haan of Finnish word haka, meaning a fenced pasture, and pää, meaning head or end. That makes "Pasture End". This explanation is only my idea and has no scientifically valid background :cool:

:) Jaska

Jeanette Baker
27-03-10, 21:31
Thank you your idea's are better guesses than mine could be.