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Jeanette Baker
27-03-10, 21:43
I have the following, I have had good luck wit the Hölsö line but I am stuck on his wife. and locating her parents. From what I can see looking theoru images Lava was not a common name.

Anna Lisa Isakstytär Lava
she was born on 01 Sep 1855 in finland and died 10 Dec 1928 in Michigan
married to
Jacob Johanspoika Hölsö (Hillson american name chjange)
b. 23 Jan 1857 in Kaukkola, Ylistaro son of Johannes Israelinpoika Hölsö and Hedvig Jöransdotter of Hölsö, Lahti, Ylistaro

They were married 24 Nov 1876 in Kaukola,Ylistaro
(Ylistaro , Rippikirja, 1877-1886 MKO93-117_I Kuva 303 )
Ylistaro , Vihityt, 1863-1884 MKO4-6 Kuva 41

I have found her Ellis Island records for Immigration arriving 16 Dec 1892 with 3 of her children, heading to Amasa, Michigan traveling with her were
Johan Alfred Hölsö, Isaac Emil Hölsö, Jacob E. Hölsö

They are not in the Finnish Immigration database that I can find.

Jeanette Baker
28-03-10, 20:16
According to Anna Lizzie's deah certificate her mothers name was Mary Pitkajalpo I am fairly certain this is a version or how a descendent remembered the name since it does not have anything similar that I can locate in Hiski.

Karen Norwillo
28-03-10, 20:48
On Family Search LDS site, I found an Anna Lisa Lava born 14 Sept 1855 to Isak Ersson Lava and Sanna Michelsdotter in Isokyro, Vaasa, Finland.

Jeanette Baker
28-03-10, 20:51
Thank you Karen,
I forget sometimes to go back to other sources, I have been focusing on Hiski and the other finnish records lately!

Jeanette Baker
28-03-10, 21:40
Ok I was able to find the Marriage record for the parents listed on FamilySearch
Announced / Married 7.4.1855 22.4.1855
Man Village / Farm Orismala by Arkkola hemman
Name Drengen Ungk: Isak Erikss. Lava
Wife Village / Farm Orismala by Katila hemman
Name Skräddare Enkan Susanna Mickelsd:r Löfgren

This does not yet help me verify if this is the correct Lisa ( Lizzie) Lava