View Full Version : Johan Johansson Kolabacka (Wirckala)

02-04-10, 07:30
I am trying to find more information on a Johan Johansson Kolabacka b. Dec 26, 1759 in Kolaback, Kaustinen. My information tells me that he was married twice. 1st wife was Anna Johandtr. Virkkala. b. Mar 15, 1763 and died Feb. 11, 1803. His second wife was Margareta Tomasdtr. Brannkarr b. Aug 21, 1781 and died July 6, 1857.

If anyone could help me find more information on these persons I would greatly appreciate it. If there is a Parish record that anyone can find that would be great. I have found references in Hiski but I like to double check them with Parish records if I can to make sure they are the right people. :D

June Pelo
02-04-10, 20:19
Your information is correct. I have this family in my database. They can be found in the Caino-Torp book as well as HisKi. My information came from several genealogists in Finland. One of their descendants is Johanne Franti Hannula, b. in Michigan.