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03-04-10, 01:49
When looking up records that have births, marriages, and deaths all in the same record(ex. Lappajarvi) how do you determine where to look if the year is not listed. Do they go in any specific order? Example is the first part of the records births and after all the births for those years are listed the marriages and then the deaths. Or do you just have to look until you find what you are looking for? :confused:

Jaska Sarell
03-04-10, 10:49
I've noticed the same nuisance in early Lappajärvi records :mad:
I don't remember finding any order, though there might be some logic.
Saving precious paper seems to have been the main objective.

:) Jaska

03-04-10, 21:53
oh well, i guess it will just take a lot of searching.