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07-04-10, 10:47
Hello there!
I´m still looking for Matts Vilhelm Mattsson Gullback born jan 7 1854 in Pensala/Oravais in Finland. He emigrated to USA. Died 1.1.1947. Haven´t found anything on him, he must have got married there? I don´t know the year he emigrated. Also looking for his sister: Brita Kajsa Mattsdotter Gullback born dec 18 1865. I have no more information about her. Their father was Matts Mattsson Pensar. It is possible they used their father´s family name Pensar instead of Gullback (or Mattson).
(nov 16.1829-nov 29.1912). They also had another brother: Peter Christian Mattson Pensar who was in Cape Town for a couple of years. I´ll appreciate any help with this, would be so exciting to find out anything, even if they ever arrived in the Usa.

June Pelo
07-04-10, 17:14
I have a Matts Mattsson Gullback -Pensar, b. 1798, Oravais, married 1853 to Maria Mattsdotter Nygren-Staffans. They had a son Karl Johan, b. 8 Jan 1856, Oravais, d. 18 Mar 1900, Pensala. Karl Johan had a son Gustaf Adolf, b. 22 Dec 1886, Oravais who took the name Carson. He died 15 Apr 1853 in Aberdeen, WA. He was married 7 Sep 1910, Aberdeen to Anna Lydia Andersdotter Lågland-Erickson, b. 1 May 1892, Ludington, MI. Gustaf's great grandson Brent Anderson was living in Seattle a few years ago.

Don't know if they are related to your family, but the names and dates are close.

08-04-10, 10:47
I have to look into this further, some of your information is similar to mine, but there´s a lot of differences, I could send you some of my material.


13-04-10, 20:47
He was declared dead in Oravais Church Books in 1 januri 1947th

04-10-10, 13:10
Matts mattson Gullback b. 1798 d. 1863: Was married to Brita Maria Andersdotter Steckseen b. 1807 d. 1851. Matts was a wealthy farmer who owned Gullback and Norrgård homestead in Pensala. he lived att pitters farm no 201 in Pensala , he bought the place in 1847.

Matts b. 1829
Maria Sofia b. 1834
jakob b. 1838
johan b. 1843
Anna Lovisa b 1848- My great grandfathers mother

Matts b. 1829 married to Maria Mattsdotter nygren b. 1833 d. 1903


Matts Vilhelm b. 1854 ( to USA)
Karl b. 1856
Henrik Gustav b. 1858 married anna Sofia Johansdotter Damskata
Maria Sofia b. 1860 married Nils Rausk b. 1854
Brita Kajsa b. 1865 ( to USA)
johanna b. 1869 married Vilhelm Andersson Back b. 1877 ( Köuros)
Peter b. 1872

04-10-10, 13:29
Pitters in Pensala is said to be haunted by goasts.
Elias Mårtensson line: Most people in Pensala are said to descend from his daughter Margareta and her husband Josef Andersson.

According to book Matts mattson Gulback ( married to Brita Maria ) was going to send a ship with rye to Sweden. it was during the time the russians was in war with the englishmen. And the englishmen took the ship 1855. The ships cargo: 155 barrels og rye & 7 barrels of tar made the loss to be 796 rubel of silver according to vörå parish history.

04-10-10, 13:52
Peter b. 1872 d. 1913 called Pitter married 1891 to Brita Kajsa Persdotter: Children:

matts henrik b. 1891 emigrated to Australia and was almost swindled to Australian citizenship and was called in to militaryduty during worlwar 1. he participated at the battle at Verdon in France, where he was deadly wounded. Victor b 1894 d. 1945 married to Senny Pott 1915 went to america,but came back home in the 1920`s and re-married Anna Vestlund.
Maria b. 1898 or Mia married Oscar Blomqvist
Oskar. b 1902 went to Canada
Verner b. 1906 went to Canada
Helga b.1908 married Alfred Andersson

Mia Blomqvist moved to the homefarm after Oscars death 1927. Children:
alfhrid b. 1922
Alvin b. 1924
Anita b. 1927

04-10-10, 14:12
Karl Johan Mattson b. 1856 d. 1900 & Maria johansdotter Karf b. 1851 d. 1931 moved to Kalas/ Karlstedts in 1877. They ahd 9 cjildren 7 lived to adult age.

anna Maria b. 1878 d. 1956
Matts Carlstedt b. 1880 d. 1926 Married to Anna Södersved b. 1888 d. 1954
Karl Johan b 1883 to USA
Gustav Adolf b. 1855 to USA
Albert b. 1891 d. 1917
Brita b. 1894 d 1986 married Karl Johan Henriksson in Oravais
Vilhelm b. 1900 d 1956. Married to Elsa Backa
Son: Harry b. 1932 : daughter Britten b. 1937married to Kurt Nordman b. 1938
Living? Lived in Helsingfors.

Harry married Maj-Lis Frilund b. 1934. children:

Kaj b. 1957 married to Vivian Vestermark lives in Ingå
Marit married to Kjell Fellman from Larsmo, lives in Hangö
Have/ had company named: Oravais Antika

( Taken from the book: Pensala through times by pensala Village research group, printed in 1994 so some info may not be accurate)