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11-04-10, 23:25
I can not seem to find any information on my great great grandfather Jeremais Bredbacka (Bredback) life before he immigrated. Born in 1855 in Finland came to the USA around 1880 (I think)settled in Jacobsville. He married Wilhelmina Suttinen around 1883 in Houghton and had 6 children also he had a sister Anna (Wirsula) and brother Matti . I know he died in Jacobsville, MI in the quarry in 1895.

I would love to know where he came from in Finland and something about the family?

Vaughn Quince

Karen Norwillo
12-04-10, 15:50
Jeremias and Wilhelmina were married 25 Mar 1883 in Hancock, MI. I found their marriage and some of their children on Family Search Pilot.
Henry Bredback born 1882 in Hancock (that's their date, which was before the marriage of parents. May not be accurate) married Mrs Josephine Kangas (Raattama) 14 Nov 1913 in Hancock. His parents given as Jerry Bredback and Minnie Sutinen.
Helia Bredback 1894 married Clyde Alva Smith 21 Jun 1913 in L'Anse, Baraga. Parents Jeremiah Bredback and Wilhelmina Sutinen.
Urho V Bredback 1892 Jacobsville married Esther Ohistus 6 Oct 1923 in Houghton, parents same.
Francis W Bredback 1887 Torch Lake twsp married Mrs Anna G Johnson 24 Mar 1909, father Jerry Bredback.
Lydia Hilma Bredback born 24 Dec 1889 Torch Lake twsp, same parents.
I found there are many Bredbacka in Lappajärvi and Terjärv.
I have the image for the marraige of Jeremias and Wilhelmina, need to crop, too big. Will post.

June Pelo
12-04-10, 21:12
There were 74 children born 1855 in Finland named Jeremias, but none named Bredbacka. Bredbacka names predominate in Terjärv, but also Kronoby and Nedervetil. Do you have a more definite birthdate? Do you have a patronymic for him? Anything else about him that has a clue? I have a lot of Bredbacka names, but none named Jeremias. Could he have another name as well?

June Pelo
12-04-10, 21:28
If you don't find any clues, you could write to Joelle Steele who has a huge database of people from Terjärv and she may know something about your Bredbacka. Her address: joellesteele*swedishfinn.com

Karen Norwillo
12-04-10, 21:39
I found Francis William and wife Anna in 1930 in Houghton. Children Doris L 20 and Alta E 18. He worked in copper mine. In 1910, brother Werner also with them. They also had a daughter Lillian 6/12. Also found in WWI Draft cards Francis William Bredback 26 Mar 1886. SSDI has death Mar 1970 in Calumet. Urho Verner Bredback died 30 Dec 1954 in St Louis county, MN, MN Death Index. On the Jacobsville Cemetery Index, there is Jeremias Bredback 1855-1894, says small marble stone. If he died when the children were young, chances are Wilhelmina remarried. There are 2 Bredback listed in an old Houghton Directory, Francis W (Anna G) lino op. Finnish Lutheran Book Concern, res 825 Summit. Also, Henry teamster Johnson Estate res Back.

12-04-10, 23:48
I had found the information on Family Search which is how I found out that gg grandmother was a Suttenin. She did remarry Matti Storbacka and had two more children. My father remembers her but mostly that she wouldn't leave the farm.

It seems no one talked about Jerry. I don't know if he had another name or not. The only thing we know is that he died in a quarry accident. Of course, I know about the children but the children were very young when he died. As I said early my great grandfather told my dad that Bredbacka was their name in Finland.

Is there anyway to trace him through is brother and sister?

June Pelo
13-04-10, 00:50
Who were his brother and sister - names? dates? Were they born in Finland?

13-04-10, 04:17
What I discovered from old photograph's and Family Search is that he had a sister Anna Bredbacka and a brother Matti Bredabacka. I think they immigrated later but I am not sure of that fact.

Yes they were born in Finland and both came to the Upper Pennisula. They were younger than he was but I am not sure of the ages. I know Anna married a Wirsula and lived in Ottersville (I think) or outside Chassell. She had a daughter named Jeanie who married an Oslen and they live with Anna for 1910 and 1920 Census. I have a picture of Jeanie with my Great Aunt Minnie (who I remember, she walk down the cliff every morning for to get water for her coffee from the Bay)Aunt Lydia and Aunt Hilja. Aunt Minnie always total me that the coffee was terrible with the well water. She is buried in Jacobsville next to her husband near her brother Jerry. I will look at my record some more and let you know if I have approximate ages. Thank you for all your help. This means so much to me as my father is not well and I really want to find out this information so I can surprise him with his family history. Old Grandpa Bredback raised him and he is so surprised every time I find out something about his family. Thank you so much.


June Pelo
13-04-10, 22:10
HisKi has no record of a Jeremias Bredbacka, b. 1855, anywhere in Finland. And there are records for peope named Anna and Matts Bredbacka, but without definite birthdates it is almost impossible to know. If you can find some old documents, bible records, passport, death record, etc. that has birthdates, post another query. But right now your data is too general to have a clue where to look for records. And Jeremias might have been born with another name, or has a different birth year because he doesn't appear.

08-08-11, 06:12
I am sure this is family you are looking for. Johan Jakobson Brädbacka (Bredbacka) moved 1859 from Lappajarvi to Alajarvi, Luoma-aho farm. He had a son Jeremias, b. 25 Nov 1855 Lappajarvi. Later they moved to Korkia-aho farm

Family in the Alajarvi church books:








Jeremias had a sister Anna (b. 10 July 1853), who was married with Antti Virsula (b. 8 Nov 1860) They had at least 2 children:

Hilja Maria, b. 1 Sep 1882
Jaakko, b. 19 July 1888

Family lived in Vimpeli and moved to States