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In a letter from 25.12.1880, with the address White Cloud, Box 68, Newaygo, MI my GG Uncle informs his mother&family that he is alive plus describes the life in his new country.

His name in Finland:
Simon Eriksson Nygård, previously Nyberg. (Born 18.11.1853/ 18.11.1853/ Nyberg/ Bonden/ Eric Mattsson/ Hru. Anna Lena Simons dr. 26/ Simon)
he signs his letter Simon Eriksson Nygård
in his address he uses Simon Erickson
in 1900 census there is a S Erickson&Catherine at Lake, Missaukee, Michigan, b.Jan 1858, in Finland (the year and the b-day is off quite a lot)
Immigration Year: 1877
Lake, Missaukee, Michigan
In the household: S Erickson 42
Catherine Erickson 48
Hilma Erickson 15
Victor Erickson 3
Oscar Erickson 11
Victor Carlson 30
in the 1910 census the same Simon is found: Simon Erickson, Catherine, Reeder, Missaukee, Michigan, b. abt 1856, Finland. Now the details:
Spouse's name: Catherine
Home in 1910: Reeder, Missaukee, Michigan
Household Members:Simon Erickson,54
Catherine Erickson, 60
in the 1920 census
Reeder, Missaukee, Michigan
Estimated birth year: abt 1856
Spouse's name: Katherine
Year of Immigration: 1880
In the household: Simon Erickson 64
Katherine Erickson 69
Oscar Erickson 32, single
in the 1930 census no sign of Simon. Only Catherine "suitable" found in a hospital as patient...
Oscar Erickson is found in 1930 census living in the same neighbourhood as Simon&Catherine
Reeder, Missaukee, Michigan (96/98)
Oscar W Erickson, 41
Mallie F Erickson, 39
In IGI there is a record where
Spouse: Katarina Soderstrom Mysskog, Marriage: 26 APR 1883 Sparta, Kent, Michigan to a Simon Erikson
at 12.12.1850 at Myrskog, Bn. Michel Hansson Myrskog & H. Maria Johs dr. age 34 gives birth to a Catharina...Otherwise the family "seems" interesting, but

all the years are "off" too much in the census information
in the census Catharina is b. around 1851 and Simon around 1858 - why the younger age - if he is the right Simon
but - the locations are in the same area and it fits with the address Simon wrote as his mail addressAny thoughts? Any of you MI people who have contacts/know about with Ericksons & Swede Finn descendants in the area Cadillac - Grand Rapids?

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I have the marriage records of two of the children in Cadillac. Hilma Erickson married 3rd of July 1902, and Victor Emil Erickson married 17 April 1909. Hope this is of some help.


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Here is the marriage of the parents also. In Kent county as you said.