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14-04-10, 13:17
I am trying to find birth information on my step-grandmother. We believe she was born 8 Feb 1878. We believe that she was adopted and raised by another family. She went by the last name of Salomaa, but shows brothers of Alfred and Emil Tuominen. When she came to the U.S. in 1910, she was going to Alfred Tuominen. The ship manifest states she is coming from Helsinki and shows her nearest relative as brother Emil Tuominen, Rutalahti, Asikkala. According to Social Security Death Index, Alfred was born 24 July 1880. She married my grandfather, Erik Hill, in Minnesota in 1910. Any information from her life in Finland would be greatly appreciated.

14-04-10, 17:51
Hello Kathy,
I too am looking into the last name of Tuominen. I have been told there is a connection between the Ylinen/Kivisto families and Tuominen's who settled in northern MN. I found the following on ancestry.com. The post is a few years old, but maybe it can give you some leads on where to look.
I have also heard that within one Tuominen family some of them changed their name to Tuomi.
Good luck with your search.

15-04-10, 12:41
Thanks for the link. I don't think that is the same family as I believe Alfred and Alma are the only ones that came to the States.